Celebrate a Decade of Exploration with Indiana Caverns!

Indiana Caverns is celebrating 10 years of exploring and discovery this summer!  Opened in June 15, 2013, Indiana Caverns is part of the 7th longest cave in the United States-the Binkley Cave System.

The section open for tours was discovered in 2010 after over 50 years of exploring and discovery in the massive cave system by the Indiana Speleological Society.  The first explorers in this section was surprised to discover a huge room with the floor almost covered by large bones which they thought surely must be farm animals from the pioneer era.  When Indiana’s state paleontologist was able to visit the same room two years later he immediately recognized the bones were part of a “treasure trove of Ica Age fossils” and “one of the most significant repositories of Ice Age bones in the Midwest”.

Today, Indiana families can see these same bones resting where they fell approximately 40,000 years ago, but without the 8 hours of crawling and climbing!
Indiana Caverns offers a 75 minute tour that includes large rooms, ice age fossils, AND an underground boat ride.  On the surface there are many fun things to enjoy ranging from feeding the pygmy goats, crawling through “The Cavern of the Sabertooth”, gem mining, to two challenging Escape Rooms and the Bat Chaser and The Plunge.  Be sure to look for our ambassador, Mr. Tooth (the cat).
The Bat Chaser is an aerial zip coaster while The Plunge is a 50 ft drop straight down.
Older explorers can schedule a trip to “Deep Darkness” in advance and experience a lower level of the massive cave system by climbing, walking and underground kayaking.
For more information, visit our website at IndianaCaverns.com or call 812-734-1200.
Indiana Caverns
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