Blogging for your soul


Writing is an easy way for me to think things through, voice frustrations and find peace in parenting. So yes, this is a blog post about blogging. Even if you have no experience writing or feel unsure about it. Anyone can write our their thoughts but sharing your thoughts with others in a blog might help you find comfort when you feel most alone. I stay at home with my 6 month old and some days are great. Other days make me want to run screaming from the house as soon as my husband arrives home. I work from home so I find some solace in my work but it can be difficult to do when you have a screaming baby who’s teething. Blogging helps me find peace sometimes. Blogging has helped me feel like I’m not so alone when I’ve got a breaking point by helping me see that other moms feel the same way I do. You get the perspective of parenting from others: mothers who work, stay home, work from home; fathers who work and those who stay home, and so many other roles, both traditional and unconventional. As my aunt said to me recently, it’s a great way to “scrapbook” digitally, without all the scissors and physical work! A digital scrapbook, forever pressed into the web for generations of my family to come. So if your a frustrated SAHM, I hear you.To the dad with three kids at the grocery store, you are awesome. Here’s to writing it all down, getting it all out and enjoying parenthood. You aren’t alone. Sometimes it’s awful and sometimes it’s just OK and sometimes, you are super mom/dad. So go ahead, blog for your soul.

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