Baby’s First Swim Class at Goldfish Swim School

Before Biscuit (our baby boy) was born, my husband and I talked about enrolling him in swim classes as early as possible. We both had great memories of swimming all summer long – we even met while my husband was lifeguarding at North Central for summer camps. So when Biscuit turned 4 months it was time for his first parent/child swim lesson at Goldfish Swim School.

When you walk into Goldfish you are greeted with bright colors and a friendly staff ready help you get everything in place for your first lesson. The first step to being pool ready is to pick out your baby’s first reusable swim diapers. If you are wondering, you DO NOT need to put a regular diaper on under the swim diaper (yes, I had to ask). Once we were changed we waited just a few minutes and it was time to head out for our first lesson.


They ask for just one parent to come into the water at a time, so we decided my husband and Biscuit would do the first lesson together. I was able to sit right next to the pool so I could see and hear everything going on. Oh and take hundreds of photos, because it may have been the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

This is the Way we Kick our Feet

So it was finally time for the boys to jump into the water. (Did I mention that the water happens to be 91 degrees?) All the parents and babies circle around the instructor for the first song. Throughout the class there are many songs you sing with your baby, but nothing has quite stuck like “This is the way we kick our feet” sung to the tune of “The wheels on the bus.” It has become our little theme song around the house. We sign it in the bath, during tummy time, while having a bottle. ALL THE TIME! But he can’t get enough and he really does seem to be kicking his feet every time we start singing that song.

Goldfish swim

Instruction First

Next comes the instructional part of the class. You might be wondering, what kind of instruction could a 4 month old understand. Well, I’m not completely sure, but what I do know is he is becoming comfortable in the water, he’s not afraid when we dip him up to his nose, and we (the parents) are learning about swim safety. Biscuit is one of the youngest kids in the parent/child class, so it’s also fun to watch the babies closer to a year, who are starting to understand the instructions. They work on how to safely enter and exit the pool, and how they can hang on the to the edge and walk their hands back to the bench.

Goldfish Swim School Indianapolis

Time for the Toys

One thing you’ll notice when you enter the pool area at Goldfish is the amount of water toys they have hanging on the walls. During each class they bring one or two out for a fun way to end the class. Our first week Biscuit got to go down his first water slide, and then the next week he got to take a ride in the banana boat. These fun toys are just the cherry on top of an awesome class, and they really make sure the kids leave on a positive note.


Family Swim

We are about 5 weeks into swim classes with Biscuit, and his eyes light up every time we walk into Goldfish. We’ve also been taking advantage of Goldfish’s Family Swim hours. Every weekday from noon-1pm and Fridays from 6:30-8pm, families can enjoy the pool on their own. Family Swim costs no more than $15.00 per family and is open to the public. Goldfish members swim free during weekday afternoon Family Swim times.


Goldfish Swim School has two locations in Greater Indianapolis. Their Carmel location is at 271 Merchants Square Drive, Suite A-110, Carmel, IN 46032; Phone: (317) 810-0790. The Fishers location is at 11581 Geist Pavilion Drive Suite 114, Fishers, IN 46037; Phone: (317) 810-0790. To register for classes or find more information please visit


Wendy has been working for Indy’s Child Magazine for the past 7 years and had her first baby last October. Wendy and her husband are adjusting to life with a baby and are always looking for something new they can do as a family. 


Wendy Hasser
Wendy Hasser
Wendy has been the digital publisher of Indy's Child Magazine since 2011. She loves exploring Indy with with her husband, two kids, and a big group of nieces and nephews.

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