America’s Musical Journey in IMAX

My kids love going to the movie theatre, but they especially love seeing a movie in 3-D. It’s something about the combination of eye-popping images on the screen, cool glasses that they get to wear indoors, and the bucket of popcorn that we eat whenever we visit the theatre. We always have a good time at a 3-D movie!

So, when we got the opportunity to see America’s Musical Journey in IMAX at the Indiana State Museum (the largest movie screen in all of Indiana, by the way), we were all pumped.

America’s Musical Journey, which is now playing in IMAX and Giant Screen Theatres nationwide, follows singer-songwriter Aloe Blacc as he traces the roots of American music and explores the great musical cities, including Chicago, New York, New Orleans, Miami and Nashville. During the 45-minute documentary-style movie, we follow Blacc around the country, as he shows us the people and places that were important in creating the music America is known for: jazz, the blues, country, soul, and rock and roll.

The target audience for America’s Musical Journey might skew slightly more toward adults, but this is not a “grown-up” movie by any means. There is a lot for kids to appreciate, and at slightly longer than a half hour, it will keep their attention nicely. My older kid liked the 3-D aspects of the movie, especially one scene that included skydiving. (It really did feel like you were parachuting down with the actors!) My youngest liked all the dancing he saw on the screen throughout the film. I liked learning more about the origins of the music I love (I’m a big jazz fan). I also liked that the information in the movie was presented in a fun way that made it approachable for all ages. My kids and I walked away from the movie talking about music and tapping our feet!

This summer, if you’re looking to get out of the heat and into a cool theatre, check out America’s Musical Journey at the IMAX, now through June 28. Maybe you and your family will be singing and dancing your way out of the theatre, too!

More Info:

America’s Musical Journey is playing at the IMAX Theatre at the Indiana State Museum (650 West Washington Street, Indianapolis). The movie runs through June 28. For more information, showtimes and to purchase tickets, visit

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