5 Ways to Become a Student of You!

Student of you

-Mindy Irish

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Indy-area Mom of 4

Many people want to start out for change in their life, but they do so without truly knowing who they are in the first place.  I have some strategies to share on how to go about making a positive impact and getting to know yourself, all while being able to celebrate you along the way!

Just as the year has gotten started, NOW is such a great time to look at your habits and set yourself up for change.  Don’t have the “I’ll deal with it later”, like right before a vacation or special event mindset.  Six years ago I did that during my pregnancies and when later showed up, I was in a really tough spot and had created TONS more work for myself to do.  Head it off and get ahead of the work schedule, kids’ events, volunteer commitments, and day-to-day stress.  Set up a plan NOW!

How to?!  Let’s make it strategic.

1.  In order to start, you have to acknowledge what needs to change.  You know where you want to go, but the habits and systems you have now produce your current results.  One thing I cannot do for a client is to coach them to new results on old ways.  Step one is to identify the areas to address.

Day after day

2.  A second step is to get a baseline on several key areas in your life and record it over time.  I encourage my online fitness clients to focus on such areas as water intake, sleep, calorie intake, food quality, digestion, stress levels, activity time (moving and exercising), organization, and time management, for example.  There is no possible way to make an overnight switch to everything, as it can be really hard to do all of this at one time.

I have seen people try to do this and we’re not wired to make this happen.  It is best to focus on one or two areas at a time and gain awareness from there, slowly adding more topics of focus as you progress.

3.  Use a chart to study yourself.  Of your one or two initial areas identified above, take a week to list and record your exact actions.  Let’s use water intake as an example.  Mark the date, the actual amount you consumed, and record that for a week.  This will give you your baseline.

Don’t try to drink more than you previously had been.  It’s important to be you and who you have been for the last months and years.  In this process, honesty is your best option! 

4.  Now that you know where exactly you are and what your actions truly look like, you have to decide where you’re going to go.  Still using our water example, set a goal to work towards for total daily ounces.  One strategy is to add 10 more ounces per day for a week.  So if you started at 30 ounces daily, drink 40 ounces daily every day for a week.  Then in your second week, go to 50 ounces and so on until you’re eventually drinking at your goal amount.

As you see change and mastery in one area, your momentum and self confidence will increase and then you can work towards adding more areas, continuously learning your baseline and working towards new goals.  Don’t bash yourself for where you are.  Celebrate it and allow yourself to change, if that’s your ultimate goal.

Little at a time

5.  The final step is the most important, but it’s the easiest to overlook.  Listen!  In order to become a student of you, you have to be able to listen to what your body is telling you.  What foods does it like or dislike?  How much sleep is optimal for you?  What activities and people and interests fill your tank and give you the most energy?  What is a stresser or trigger to you to some past negative habits?

As a student of you, you’re constantly on the look and listen.  I say this again, but learn to celebrate you.  The way you look, act, think, and talk, it’s created for purpose.  Don’t try to be something you’re not, but if you know you can do better in an area, then go for it!

Seasons change and your body changes its wants and needs as well.  This is a process that never ends, but being willing to stay in tune with yourself for the long haul can be the best investment you’ll ever make!

Take the time to become a student of you.  The paybacks are tremendous and it’s worth it.  I promise!

-To your wellness, greatness, and fulfillment of your life purpose,


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