Wishlist of a Girl Visiting the U.S.

We have relatives that live in Africa, but next summer are coming back to the US for the first time in a few years. We received this “wish list” of things the elementary school age girl would like to do during her visit.

. Walk a dog

. Pet a cat

. Volunteer to help at a stable

. Get a helium balloon so my voice will sound funny

. Have a swimming lesson

. Get a one piece blue and green swimming suit and new goggles

. Swim in the swimming pool a lot

. Go to the beach

. Dig up a fish bone at the beach and then take it home to wrap it

with paper strips dipped in a mixture of glue and water to make a cast

. Make a giant sandcastle

. Take home a lot of shells from the beach

. See an alligator

. Go to a park

. Collect mail from the mailbox

. For me and my brother to sleep together in the room our family stayed in

the last time

. Do lots of crafts

. Go to lots of fast food restaurants

. Go to the ice cream store

. Have bagels with blueberry cream cheese

. Eat healthy cereal from a giant bowl

. Eat lots of healthy fruits and vegetables

. Have a lot of jelly beans

. Using an ice maker in a refrigerator door with every drink.

. Eat lots of yummy food

. Bake millions of things

PS My brother wants to go to Chuck E Cheese and to the pizza restaurant that was called World or Around The World or something and it had pizza that was like 25 or 30 inches or even bigger..or any place that has giant pizzas.

PPS Mommy wants to sit in the floating chair in the swimming pool

drinking ice cold Coca Cola in a cup full of ice.

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