Win Tickets to The Children’s Museum Guild’s Haunted House—Game Night Fright

Gather your games (or break out your boards) and deal out the deck because you’re invited to The Children’s Museum Guild’s 58th Annual Haunted House−Game Night Fright! A wacky and twisted world of games awaits—this may be the one time you WANT to be the first player out!

If you dare to enter the Witch’s Creepy House of Games you’ll quickly find that NOTHING is as it seems! Make your way through ginormous game pieces blocking your route, and navigate through the Delusional Dominos just to battle the Wretched Rooks! If after all of that you start to feel a little hungry, perhaps you’ll enjoy a visit through Corrupt Confections. Beware of every bite—who knows what creatures are also snacking there! The next challenge that awaits is the Twisted Turnaround, and make sure you don’t veer off the path in the Clueless Corridor or it’s sure to be GAME OVER for you!

The Haunted House offers AES Indiana’s Lights-on Hours (for those who scare easily) and AAA’s Frightening Hours (lights off—for those who dare to be scared). 

Organized by The Children’s Museum Guild, the 58th Annual Haunted House, Game Night Fright, is presented by Old National Bank.

The Children’s Museum Guild’s Haunted House—Game Night Fright runs Oct. 12–30, Separate ticket is required, museum general admission is not required.

Enter here to win: 


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