Who Is Your Favorite Teacher?

Do you remember a teacher growing up that had an especially positive impact on you? Maybe he or she nurtured a budding interest you had. Or their high expectations pushed you to achieve more than you thought possible. Possibly they were someone who just truly cared about you. Great teachers see these acts as simply part of the job description, but to their students, it can make all the difference in the course of their school day – and beyond.

Here we’ve asked a few local students to choose their favorite teacher and describe what makes that person so significant to them.

Justin and Augustine VanDeWalle with Teacher Angela Battiato
Justin and Augustine VanDeWalle

2nd grader and 3rd grader, George W. Carver Montessori 87

Favorite teacher: Angela Battiato, Montessori Primary Classroom, Grades 1-3

“Ms. B is my favorite teacher because if I have a problem that I need to solve, she will help me. She is the nicest teacher of all. Her voice is kind and she gives me a break when I need one and encourages me.” – Justin

“My favorite teacher is Ms. B because she encourages me in my work, gives us breakfast on ISTEP days, helps us with our workplans, eats lunch with us sometimes, and gives us ice cream at the end of the workplan. Ms. B makes me feel excited for school and it is fun for me and my brother.” – Augustine

Tailor Taylor
Tailor Taylor with teacher Lisa Pryor

6th grader, The Orchard School

Favorite teacher: Lisa Pryor, Middle School Heath and Physical Education 

“Ms. Pryor is my favorite teacher because she always makes me smile when I’m sad and makes me laugh in ways others can’t. She always takes my feelings into consideration, and I know I can tell her everything. She has always been my person to go to when I know I’ve done something I shouldn’t have. Ms. Pryor has a room that makes me feel safe when I need somewhere to go and rest whether I’m sick, sad or just need some time alone. When my mom died, Ms. Pryor was there for me every step of the way, and when I look at where I am now, the only thing I can do is thank her for everything she did to help my family. She even has my birthday on her calendar!”

Aanchal Agarwal with teacher Beth Simpson
Aanchal Agarwal

8th grader, Sycamore School

Favorite teacher: Beth Simpson, Middle School Language Arts teacher

“My very favorite teacher is Mrs. Beth Simpson. I have had the pleasure of having her as a teacher, advisor and friend for the past four years. A teacher is someone who is patient, knowledgeable, kind and teaches you the wonder of learning. Mrs. Simpson has warmth in her smile that makes you feel confident walking down the hallway, she respects you as an equal, digs you out of deep muddy holes, and most of all, inspires you to discover and evolve.

Lexi Wilson with teacher Valarie Litke
Lexi Wilson

Sophomore, Legacy Christian School

Favorite teacher: Valarie Litke, Social Studies Teacher

“Mrs. Litke is my favorite teacher because she always makes sure that I’m okay and that really means a lot to me. She’s very helpful towards her students because she wants nothing but the best for them and their future. I love talking to her about anything because she never judges and listens to what you have to say. She encourages me to do the right thing and to treat people right. She’s a good example to have and I’m really glad she’s a teacher here at Legacy Christian School!”

Abigail Obina with teacher Dawn Colbert
Abigail Obina

Senior, Lawrence Central High School

Favorite teacher: Dawn Colbert, 5th Grade Teacher, Amy Beverland Elementary School

“What can I say about Ms. Colbert? I can say she has inspired me to reach to my potential. Ms. Colbert always had high expectations, so I stretched to satisfy those expectations. And if I fell short, she picked up my spirits. She often helped me feel confident in my still-developing abilities. I can say Ms. Colbert instilled in me a love of learning. Because of her, I soaked up any knowledge I could through Magic Tree House books or through her life lessons. She taught me many things, such as one five-minute-eyes-closed-blink still constitutes as sleeping in class. In her class, she never stopped teaching us, whether it be about school subjects…or life. “

Chase Santamaria with teacher Marian Bender
Chase Santamaria

Senior, Cathedral High School

Favorite teacher: Marian Bender, Director of Choirs, IB Music and Piano

“Anyone familiar with Cathedral High School is aware that the school is renowned for the unconditional dedication of her teachers. Cathedral teachers work outside of school hours, helping students realize their goals. After much thought, I have chosen one who has made a significant impact on a program at school and renewed my passion for vocal music, Mrs. Marian Bender. In just a year at Cathedral, Mrs. Bender has coached an award-winning show choir, taught several ISSMA gold medalists, and created an overall atmosphere conducive to artistic success at Cathedral. She rejuvenated my concert choir and motivated me to reach new heights in my musical career.”     

Josh Watson
Josh Watson with teacher Luke Crawley

Senior, University High School

Favorite teacher: Luke Crawley, Math and Science Teacher

“In four years as my University High School mentor, Mr. Crawley has helped my outlook on life grow. As a reserved freshman, I was less invested in my work. Mr. Crawley used to always tell me, ‘You get out what you put in,’ in reference to unmotivated seniors and my wanting to drop an AP class for a study hall. I think this reflects his dedication to shaping mindful students who are more self-driven than anything else. As an artist with multiple installations in the Indianapolis area, Mr. Crawley has pushed me to be the artist and person that I am today.”

Cole Elkins with teacher Carol Bobis
Cole Elkins
Senior, Brebeuf Jesuit Preparatory School

Favortie teacher: Carol Bobis, Social Studies Teacher

 “The best teachers leave their mark on us long after we have left their classroom. My favorite teacher is Mrs. Bobis. She was my World Civilizations teacher my freshman year and she had a much greater impact on me than she likely knows. Mrs. Bobis is patient, thoughtful, encouraging and has great dance moves. Her teaching style and kindness had a profound effect on me. I plan to major in special education at the University of Indianapolis next year and hope that one day, I will inspire students the way she inspired me.”


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