Local Spotlight: Teachers’ Treasures

For over a decade, Teachers’ Treasures has been a driving force behind the success of teachers and students throughout Marion County. The 501c3 nonprofit organization works to ensure that all students have access to the tools they need to succeed by providing free vital supplies and resources for classroom achievement. 

How It Works 

More than 100,000 students have been affected by poverty in Indianapolis, which makes Teachers Treasures’ work that much more important. Each year, the organization supports more than 7,000 teachers and students from approximately 312 schools, along with their families, through their free teacher stores and supply initiatives. 

With two locations that offer teacher shopping appointments, Teachers’ Treasures offers thousands of Marion County teachers access to no-cost supplies. Resources available include books, art supplies and other classroom necessities. The organization’s inventory is constantly replenished by gracious donors who recognize the importance of empowering teachers to build stronger communities. 

Since being founded in 2000, Teachers’ Treasures has donated more than $100 million dollars worth of supplies, with each donation making a difference. “We can turn every $1 donation into $15 worth of school supplies,” says Hanna Yaeger-Busch, Teachers’ Treasures director of community engagement. 


School Supplies and Support 

The work being done at Teachers’ Treasures goes beyond supplying free classroom supplies. The organization also provides resources to teachers that help them in their daily work, including lesson plans and engaging activities that encourage student growth and academic achievement. 

The organization is off to a hot start in 2024, highlighted by a massive distribution of 16,000 books with neighbor organization Indy Reads and over $7 million donated supplies thus far. As May approaches, the organization’s focus turns toward Teacher Appreciation.  

Teachers’ Treasures has a positive impact not only on students and teachers but its community. By supporting teachers in their mission to provide a quality education for their students, the organization helps build stronger communities that thrive on innovation and collaboration. 

“Almost everyone has a favorite teacher from their own time in school — someone who inspired, engaged, supported or nurtured you,” Yaeger-Busch says. “We’re in the business of making sure that this generation’s favorite teachers never have to worry about spending money out of their own pocket to support their students.”  

Get Involved 

Teachers Treasures is a game-changer in the education space. Their selfless work empowers teachers to provide a quality education to students who may not have otherwise had access to necessary resources, ultimately building stronger communities. For those looking to get involved, the organization offers a multitude of opportunities to support its life-changing mission. 

Volunteers and donors are essential to the ongoing success of Teachers Treasures. Whether you’re stocking shelves, supporting events, or making a financial contribution, every effort counts towards helping this incredible organization offer free resources to teachers and students in need. Information on how to get involved can be found at teacherstreasures.org/support. 

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