Who Could Ask For Anything More?

Two nights ago, my husband Ian and I escaped our trio of kids for a date night at the theatre.

We had some celebrating to do, and not just Valentine’s Day.

Exactly 16 years ago, I was looking into his brown eyes and shaking his hand for the very first time. (Our friend Mindy introduced the two of us at that Mardi Gras party, and began to work her matchmaking magic.) Fat Tuesday has become our unofficial anniversary.

Sixteen years and three kids later, we always crave these escapes. Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre is a great “family” to feel a part of, and it was good to see so many friends and familiar faces on stage. I loved how this production of “Crazy for You” got my mind away from my daily worries. Instead I was wrapped up in three things:

-Great Gershwin tunes (including one of my favorite standards, “Embraceable You”)

-Laugh-out-loud physical comedy (like the mirror-image sequence between the dueling “Bela Zanglers,” Eddie Curry and Blake Patrick Spellacy)

-Insanely impressive tap dance numbers (sweet choreography, Ron Morgan!) My percussionist husband was genuinely blown away by the way the dancers brought the Gershwin brothers’ rhythm to life. To the whole cast and crew, I pass along my congratulations on such a polished production, and my thanks for a fun date night!

The one line in the show that stuck out in my head and got my mind spinning was one we’ve all heard countless times, and one I remember singing with my high school show choir a million years ago.

“I’ve got rhythm, I’ve got music, I’ve got my love – who could ask for anything more?”

I could look across the table at Ian and see that I have all three of those things wrapped up in one person: rhythm, music and love.

I also have three healthy kids, a roof over our heads, a good job that I enjoy, amazing families, and a circle of fun, dear friends that I absolutely adore.

Still, this week, I let myself get hung up on something we DIDN’T have. Ian and I had to take a good, hard, realistic look at our financial obligations and limitations, and say no to a big, exciting, enriching educational opportunity for one of our kids. Breaking that news was really hard. I had really wanted to make it work somehow. I want to give all of our kids the world.

Instead, we’re going to give them the best of what is realistic in OUR world right now. And that is okay. Several years ago when I left television news to join the nonprofit communications world, I knew in my heart that time with my family was worth far more than a higher salary, and that this decision would include some sacrifice. I would make the same decision in a heartbeat.

We have so much to celebrate; so much to look forward to; so much to be grateful for.

We’ve got rhythm, we’ve got music and

we’ve got each other.

I won’t ask for anything more.

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