Where’s Waldo? In Indy!

Where’s Waldo? The question has occupied millions of minds for twenty-nine years now, since Martin Handford published the first book in 1987. Since then, the Where’s Waldo series continues to enjoy a cherished space on bookshelves everywhere. With almost 60 million copies printed in over 20 languages, Waldo is a true international icon that continues to keep audiences searching. The shops at 56th and Illinois St are taking this search to the next level in cooperation with Kids Ink Bookstore!

Waldo’s Anniversary is celebrated nationwide all month in July, and Kids Ink wants you to join the party. Neighboring stores, including Be BoutiqueThe Flying CupcakeKincaid’sStarbucks (at 56th and Illinois only), The Food Emporium, and Graeter’s Ice Cream will be hosting a Waldo figure somewhere for kids to find from July 15th through July 29st. Children can pick up a “travel guide” from Kids Ink and go looking for him around the neighborhood – with adult supervision, of course. Anyone that finds Waldo at every participating location and returns their list to Kids Ink will be entered for a prize drawing.

Originally intended to be a one-time-only event, The Great Waldo Hunt’s popularity exceeded so many expectations that Candlewick (Waldo’s publisher) keeps bringing it back. And it only gets more popular every year!

Kids Ink is one of 250 independent bookstores across the country participating, but we’re determined to have the most entries, and we need local kids’ help to make that happen. We’re looking forward to enjoying this with everyone in Indianapolis. For more information, please call (317) 255-2598.



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