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Frederick Douglass Park Family Center is Now Open

The new family center is the largest in the Indy Parks system.

There’s a new park and community center in Indianapolis! Frederick Douglass Park Family Center is located in Indy’s Martindale-Brightwood neighborhood, and it also features a new playground and shelter next to the center.

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What’s Inside the Frederick Douglass Park Family Center

The $23 million facility will provide enriching experiences for residents through its amenities and programs, including:

  • two full-sized basketball courts
  • an indoor walking track
  • a large community meeting room with a stage
  • dance and exercise spaces
  • a demonstration kitchen
  • a podcast and technology room
  • a food pantry
  • day camps
  • and lots more
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 “The renovation of this park and its facilities has been a dream of Martindale-Brightwood for decades,” said Mayor Joe Hogsett. “I am certain that it will have a positive, multi-generational impact on the surrounding community and our city as a whole.” 

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Playground at Frederick Douglass Park

The renovation includes a brand new playground, with tunnel slides, netted bridge, and playground equipment for all ages.

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 The History of Frederick Douglass Park

 Opened in 1921, Frederick Douglass Park was named after abolitionist Frederick Douglass. This park, located in the Martindale-Brightwood community, was one of the first parks to welcome black residents and was once known as the city’s “black park,” according to the Indy Parks website. A swimming pool was added in 1927 and Frederick Douglass Park Golf Course opened in 1928. Martindale, in the late 19th and throughout the 20th Century, was a segregated community for African Americans, which is still reflected in the predominantly African American population you see in the area today. 

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More Info

Frederick Douglass Park Family Center is located at 1616 E. 25th Street in Indianapolis. The park is open from dawn to dusk. For family center hours, call (317) 327-7174 or visit parks.indy.gov/parks/frederick-douglass-park.



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