Where to Play Disc Golf in Indy

Disc golf (also known as frisbee golf or frolf) is a popular sport with people of all ages. With an increasing number of courses and competitions in the Indy area, it is becoming a very accessible sport.

Similar to standard golf, a disc golf course is made up of either 9 or 18 holes. A player stands at a tee and aims their disc at a disc golf basket. The goal is to get the disc in the basket in as few throws as possible. 

Getting Started in Disc Golf

Dominic Fisher, a 16-year-old junior at Noblesville High School, picked up the sport during the pandemic. 

“My neighbor Travis introduced it to me and a few other friends when we were hanging out at Dillion Park last summer during the quarantine from normal activities,” Fishers says. “His dad had a few extra discs, and we played for five hours every day for about a week. Then we all went to Dick’s Sporting Goods and bought our own discs. Ever since that time I’ve been hooked.”

Fisher said he learned about the sport the way many teens learn things now-a-days: exclusively through YouTube. He said a simple search will lead a beginner to many video tutorials. He suggests that if you are new to the sport, to choose a short and simple course, such as the Morse Park Disc Golf Course in Noblesville or the Lawrence W. Inlow course in Carmel. 

Disc Golf Equipment

As for equipment, Fisher suggests learning about the types of discs you would use on a course. “There are three types of discs: putters, midranges and drivers,” he says. “Beginning players should only reach for a putter when they have enough skill to disc up and throw a mid.” Fishers suggests that a good disc golf set to buy for beginners is the Innova Starter pack.

The sport provided Fisher an outlet during the pandemic, but it also proved to be a hobby that has taught him many valuable lessons. “I’ve learned that putting in the effort to get good at something pays off,” he says. “I’m not the greatest player right now, but I am way better now than I was a year ago when I started.”

Where to Play Disc Golf in Indianapolis

Looking for a place to play frisbee golf around Indy? Here are a few Indy-area disc golf courses to check out!

Brookside Park

3091 Brookside Parkway South Drive, Indianapolis

This dic golf course in Indianapolis is considered a very challenging 18-hole course. It is mostly flat with many elevation changes. It is recommended to print a map before attempting to play this course. 

George Washington Park

3259 N Dearborn Street, Indianapolis

The 18-hole course at this Indy dic golf location has rolling hills, and is a moderately difficult course.

Hazel Landing

10601 Hazel Dell Parkway, Carmel

Located at 106th Street and Eller Road, the disc golf course at Hazel Landing offers a challenging game, in a moderate to heavily wooded setting.

The Hill @ Northview Church

12900 Hazel Dell Parkway, Carmel

This 18-hole disc golf course is located on the grounds of Northview Church, and takes you up and down the highest point in Hamilton County. It is reviewed as a great course for beginners, as it offers many wide-open holes and only a few in the woods. 

James A. Dillon Park 

6001 Edenshall Lane, Noblesville

Located at 146th Street and Hazel Dell Road, this Hamilton County park offers an 18-hole disc golf course. The course is considered moderately challenging because the landscape is moderately wooded.

Lawrence W. Inlow Park

6310 E. Main Street, Carmel

A great disc golf course for kids and beginners, the 9-hole disc golf course at Lawrence W. Inlow Park combines both open spaces and wooded areas.

Morse Park & Beach

19777 Morse Park Lane, Noblesville

This 23-acre park in Hamilton County boasts an 18-hole disc golf course. The course is mostly flat and lightly wooded.

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