What’s the new Kitchen Sink exhibit at Rhythm! Discovery Center?

We heard there was a new exhibit open at the Rhythm! Discovery Center in downtown Indianapolis, Rhythm! and the Kitchen Sink.

So naturally being the curious explorers we are {or is it that we know you look up to us for the scoop on what’s happening in Indy?!} we sent out the newest addition to our IC Insider Crew, Creed Anthony to well, discover what was up. Here’s his report.

I could give you a number of reasons why you should go and visit the Rhythm! Discovery Center. During the visit, I was exposed to the arts, science, math, history, culture and they were all presented in a wide array of media formats. Sounds very educational, right? Here’s the secret – it was fun. Lots of fun. Above all, I found the Rhythm! Discovery Center to be one of the most interactive and hands on experiences – and you don’t have to be a musician to appreciate the visit. In fact after you visit, you’ll understand how rhythm is the soul of life.

Rhythm Discovery Center Kitchen Sink exhibit _ Indy's Child

The mission statement of the RDC reads: Rhythm! Discovery Center is dedicated to advancing the understanding of percussion and its role in world cultures through interactive educational experiences.” From my visit, I can tell you that they have succeeded in advancing not only the understanding, but also making the experience interactive.

Here’s a quick guide on the ins and outs of R!DC from IC Insider Shelly’s visit earlier this year to whet your appetite.

Rhythm Discovery Center Kitchen Sink exhibit _ Indy's Child
Photos used with thanks to R!DC.

The newest exhibit to launch at Rhythm! Discovery Center is called “And the Kitchen Sink.” Guests are invited to drum tap and/or beat on everyday objects {including a sink!} to find their own song or rhythm, held within those pieces. Accompanying the objects are videos of acts like The Blue Man Group demonstrating how to use these odd instruments in a musical fashion.

It’s about learning to use ‘found’ percussion items such as typewriters, oil drums and more to make your rhythmic music heard. A wall display of signs explains how Blue Man Group and Stomp use similar ordinary items to create their music, including an interesting bit about Stomp’s ‘basketball music.’ {Never heard of it? Here’s a link to a video on YouTube worth watching.}

Rhythm Discovery Center Kitchen Sink exhibit _ Indy's Child
It’s the world’s first-ever LEGO drumset, found only at Rhythm! Discovery Center.

Oh and yea. There’s a LEGO drumset. I’ll let that “sink” in. A close-up photo courtesy of R!DC is over on your right. Look at those details!

In addition to this experience there are multiple stations and whole rooms devoted to the hands on experience that will foster the creativity and curiosity of any visitor. Never played a full set of drums before? Here is your opportunity – including two options in a sound proof room where you can record your experience and play it back to hear how masterful (or experimental) you were.

Prefer a group setting? Well how about getting together with a friend or two (or many more) and participating in a drum circle? Or visiting a room where almost every type of percussion instrument exists for you to try out?

At the Rhythm Discovery Center, the discovery knows no ends. Whether you fancy yourself a musician or a casual fan, there is something for you to enjoy and plenty for you to learn. I’d bet my kitchen sink on it.

MORE INFO: The Rhythm! Discovery Center is located at 110 W. Washington Street, Suite A, in downtown Indianapolis, directly below Weber Grill and Panera Bread. General admission has a fee but children 5 and under are free! For more information call {317} 275-9030 or visit rhythmdiscoverycenter.org.

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