What dads REALLY want for Father’s Day

Sure: We could have pulled together a huge Father’s Day shopping guide, packed with the latest gizmos, razors and ticket options. But then we realized: We have 3 gents on staff who are not only smart cookies but well, DADS. So what do they profess to want this year on their special day? We asked, they spilled… Here’s their rundown of what dads really want on Father’s Day. 

Luis, Dad of Maggie, Micah, Mille and Merritt:

What do I really want for Father’s Day? If my wife could somehow make the children be very, very quiet until, like, 8:15AM that would be amazing. Then after that glorious and very mythical sleeping in late, I want to enjoy a hot cup of joe with her on the deck while the kids play outside. No, taking your iPad outside doesn’t count Micah! Just nice, outdoor family time with caffeine and some sort of pork product on the grill. I’m not picky: sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon, maybe some bacon wrapped sausage stuffed in a ham- it’s all good.

Luis Ruvalcaba - Indy's ChildThen I want to be able to suggest any outing at all without anyone in my family whining or rolling their eyes. I’m looking at you, Katie. I want to get in the car, have everyone buckle their seatbelt in a timely fashion and arrive at our adventure without any tears or screaming. I want my kids to whisper quietly to each other in their best “car voice” why they love me more than their sibling. I want them to compare notes on what they think makes me the world’s greatest dad. Then upon arrival – probably an Indians baseball game – I want to actually watch the baseball game. None of this actual being a dad junk. As much as I enjoy classic parenting tasks like making sure my two year old doesn’t jump into left field, my six year old doesn’t throw his baseball into another dad’s gonads, or keeping my one year old from sticking a peanut up his nose; I’d like to see an actual inning or two of America’s pastime.

Or laser tag. Laser tag would be fun too.

Pete, dad of 3 and the voice behind A Dad Influence:

What dads REALLY want for Father’s Day.

First, let’s keep it simple.

I don’t need a ticker tape parade thrown for me in my living room to celebrate Father’s Day. Mainly, I don’t want a parade because I don’t want to help clean up all the mess afterward.

What dads really want for Fathers Day _ Indy's Child MagazineIn place of a parade, I’d like my morning to start off with bacon. If I have bacon for breakfast, chances are the rest of my day is going to go pretty well. Just please don’t serve me breakfast in bed. Breakfast in bed never works quite like it does in the movies. In real life it just ends with someone getting a nasty coffee burn, toast crumbs all over  the sheets and cold eggs. Thanks but no thanks.

After that, I’d like to use the bathroom ALONE. Seriously, just give me a little bit of peace and quiet while I lock myself in the bathroom for ten minutes or three hours, or whatever.

Other than that, spending some unplugged family time together is really what I want most of all. No screens, no smartphones, no texting, no Minecraft. Instead, maybe a hike on a trail, lunch out at a restaurant (no dishes!) and most importantly… a nice long uninterrupted couch nap.

If you insist on getting me a present, please don’t get me anything like these “gifts” on this Father’s Day rack from a store I won’t bother to name.

I will say, gifts like this “miss the bullseye” big time. Well…except for maybe the water balloon launcher, that looks pretty cool.

Anyway, Happy Father’s Day dads! Enjoy your day!

MORE FUNNY THOUGHTS HERE AT: A Dad Influence’s “Making summer vacation great again!”

Creed {the newest IndysChild.com writer and dad of 2!}:

There’s an old comedy routine {several of them actually} that talks about the stark difference between Mother’s Day gifts and Father’s Day gifts – with dads usually receiving the bland end of the spectrum. That has not been my experience. That’s not to say that my wife and I do the most extravagant gifts, but we appreciate what matters – family. One of my favorite Father’s Day memories was when the three of us (it was before my son was born) ate home fried biscuits with apple butter picnic style in the front yard. It was simple, fun, and different. There were gifts too, but the thing I remember the most was sitting there on a blanket with my wife and daughter enjoying the early morning and a meal that we made together.

Creed Anthony _ Indy's Child MagazineThere are always huge lists of what to buy dads for Father’s Day – the latest gadgets and whatnot. But my list is pretty simple this year. So what do I want this Father’s Day? Some new friends.

Yep, new friends.

Hold on, let me explain. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with the friends I have. In fact, I would be willing to bet that my circle of friends would match up with any collection in the pantheon of companions. It’s not a case of my circle being broken down. My friends are amazing. No, instead I’m being greedy. As the organizer of the Indy Dads Group, I want to see more dads connected. More dads networked. More dads talking.

I’m talking about more dad friends. And not just for me, for all the dads.

On Tuesday, a 10 page document chronicling the State of America’s Fathers {that’s actually the name of the document} was released by Promundo – a MenCare advocacy publication. Whether you are a dad or not, you should definitely check it out. There are a number of things that I found enlightening, and there were a number of statistics that made an impact, but I thought considering our group this piece in reference to the background of the study was worth a share:

“Approximately 80% of American men will become biological fathers at some point in their lives, and virtually all men have some connection to children and others in caregiving relationships. Fatherhood today is at the center of a national conversation that also touches on gender equality, work-life balance, race, and the question of what it means to be a man.”

The bottom line? There’s a lot for us dads to discuss, figure out, and share. This is by no means a slight to moms, in fact, I believe it is equally important for moms to be a part of this discussion. In the meantime, it can be beneficial for dads (be they new dads, veteran dads, step-dads, or any other “type”) to get together and have a group that fosters opportunities for engaged dads to socialize. Enter the Indy Dads Group. And this Father’s Day I want this group to grow.

Know a dad? Please send him our way. Gonna be a dad? Join us. Are you a veteran dad? Come and share with us.

I’m not sure if biscuits and apple butter are in my future this Father’s Day {fingers crossed that they are}, but I sure do hope new members of Indy Dads Group are. Happy Father’s Day, dads.


Happy Father’s Day from all of our moms, dads, aunts, uncles, nieces, pet-lovers and more at Indy’s Child! 

Brian "Pete"
Brian "Pete"
Indianapolis Stay-at-Home Dad to three kids, ages nine, six and four. Blogger and monthly print columnist for Indy’s Child, Cincinnati Parent and Dayton Parent magazines. Fifth grade class spelling bee runner-up. Gold Award Winner at the Parenting Media Association Editorial and Design Awards for Best Blog/Blogger.

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