WARNING: This toy contains a “genital structure!”

Have you seen the new doll at Toys”R”Us that’s causing a bit of controversy? It’s a boy doll, and it has a penis. Now before we go any further, if you want to see a better picture of the doll, please don’t simply Google “Doll with a Penis” like I did, you will see things that can’t be unseen. The internet is a weird place. Anyway, back to the doll, here’s a link to the site selling it- http://www.toysrus.com/buy/baby-dolls/you-me-mommy-change-my-diaper-doll-boys-blue-and-white-81672-24043226

One reason people are upset with the doll is the packaging doesn’t really make it clear the doll is anatomically correct, there’s just a strange heart on the box near the middle of the doll. From the pictures and some reviews I don’t think there’s any mention of it. You would think it would be part of the title of the product- “Penis Doll!” Or maybe something a little more subtle.

If this doll were in my house it wouldn’t be a big deal for our family. My son is naked ALL THE TIME around his sisters. They know he has different body parts than they do. They wouldn’t think it was strange to see a doll that looked like their brother.

There are lots of people that agree the doll is no big deal, here are a few “pro-penis doll” reviews from the Toys”R”Us website-

“Finally a doll that actually looks like a normal baby for the children to play with!”

“About time we have multi-gender babies! My daughter is preparing for her little brother!”

“This doll is just great. I was so happy to see that he is anatomically correct. My son especially loves having a doll he can relate to and Father.. so sweet!”

“Bought this doll for my daughters when my son was born, I’m so happy this is an anatomically correct doll AND it’s intact so it will really look like their little brother!”

Of course, there are also parents that are outraged by it-

“This is a VERY anatomically correct male doll. It should NOT be sold and marketed. It is a doll and as such most who would want it would be girls and it is just sending the wrong message that male genitalia is somehow a toy. The female version, which I also bought, is NOT at all as anatomically correct it is “generic” and tamed down so as to obscure the genital structures. This should be removed immediately from store shelves.” -ANGRYMOM

I did enjoy reading ANGRYMOM’s response very much, especially her use of the term, “genital structures.” I wonder when would she would like her child to learn about a penis for the first time? Hopefully not from using Google!

There are a few things about this doll I don’t like. For example, the description of the doll states, “He cries, pees and wears diapers.” Why would I pay $24.99 for another version of what’s already in my house? Maybe instead they could have given the doll a skill most young boys could relate to, like “The Penis Doll that constantly fidgets with his boy parts!”

Hopefully next year this doll company will come out with a different controversial doll, how about “Circumcise Your Doll at Home,” with a cigar cutter included!

Happy Parenting!


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