Two Ways to Stay: Natural Springs Resort

I partnered with Natural Springs Resort to bring you an inside look at what the experience is like in New Paris, Ohio. My words are my own.

Natural Springs Resort in New Paris, Ohio is a very short trip from the greater Indianapolis area. And it is worth every mile you drive.

Whether you are looking to spend some time at the lake, are looking to find a fun place to camp out, or simply want to take part in some fun outdoor activities with friends or family, Natural Springs Resort is a great place to visit.

Given that social distancing is part of our current norm, camping has seen a uptick in popularity. It is possible for you to go and visit the outdoors and keep to yourself. On this trip, I was glad to see masks required in places where people would gather/high traffic areas (the office/store), but it was very easy to maintain social distancing during our visit as well.

Some people like the idea of being able to get away, but aren’t comfortable with sleeping in a tent. Here’s the good news: there’s more than one way to enjoy the outdoors at Natural Springs Resort.

The First Night

We stayed at NSR for two nights. The first night we spent in our pop-up camper – our first opportunity to try out our refurbished family project. Our site was complete with power, fire ring, and a picnic table. An added touch to the scenario? Our own NSR golf cart to use to get around the park.

After parking and setting up the camp, we went exploring around the camp. We checked out the lake, the pool, all the different types of campsites, and the office/store. The park has a wide variety of places to camp – from tent spots to cabins. We saw lots of tents, pop-up campers, larger campers, and even RVs.

As we cruised around, we saw many of the outdoor activities that were available. Of course we saw the lake and beach and the fun opportunities to swim and frolic. But we also noticed there was kayaking, canoeing, fishing, and a large inflatable called a Wibit. Over the three days and two nights that we were there, we took advantage of and enjoyed all of the outdoor activities that were available.

While there is plenty to do, the cool thing about our stay was that it was relaxing. Whether you were sitting by the pool, swimming in the lake, relaxing at the beach, or enjoying some time by the fire at your campsite – you didn’t feel rushed or overwhelmed by people. There was space to relax. There were several fishing spots to sit and wet a line – including in a boat in the lake.

The Second Night

On the second night of our stay, we parked the camper and had the opportunity to check out a cabin. For those who enjoy the idea of camping by day, but like the amenities of a bathroom (with shower) full kitchen, and beds – these cabins are your answer.

The cabin had a screened in porch that overlooked the water. It was complete with a paved patio that included a gas grill and a fire pit. The perfect spot for your morning coffee or evening s’more. There was also a picnic table outside for you to enjoy your grilled food or a nice book.

On the inside of the cabin, we had a common sitting area with a TV (we may or may not have enjoyed a few video games during or short stay), a dining room table and a full sized fridge. The kitchen area also had a stove and oven, coffee maker, and microwave.

I enjoy the outdoors, but I also enjoy a bed. And shower. Some call it cheating or glampimg. I called it a good night.

Why You Should Visit

Natural Springs Resort is easy to get to and once you are there you will find the time (and the space) to relax.

We enjoyed kayaking, fishing, swimming (both lake and pool), Wibiting, and just hanging out in general.

Whether you a looking for a quick getaway with the fam or maybe even looking to get away just by yourself for a little solitude – Natural Springs Resort is an ideal destination. Remember: Home is where you park it. Check out Natural Springs Resort.

Creed Anthony is a husband, dad, and educator. He enjoys adventures and seeing what Indianapolis has to offer. Have a suggestion for a fun place to visit? Email him at [email protected]

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