Fall has arrived at Tuttle Orchards… make the trip

It’s that time of year again: When fun fall activities begin popping up at our favorite hotspots around the Indianapolis area. This week IC Insider Megan B. investigated all that Tuttle Orchards has to offer this fall and now we’re craving one of those apple cider slushies. Read on for details on planning your own trip to Tuttles!

Driving east from Indianapolis, the dwellings and tell tale structures of suburbia slowly give way to a rural landscape. Strip malls fade, and endless corn fields appear, stretching across the horizon. Only a thirty minute drive from the city, Tuttle Orchards feels like a whole different world, a step back in time.

Tuttle Orchards Fall _ Indy's Child
A large hay bale painted with a smiling apple greets guests as they walk to the orchards. You can purchase apples in the store or pick your own.
Tuttle Orchards fall _ Indy's Child
Blue skies and corn fields as far as the eye can see make Tuttle Orchards feel like a different world than the nearby Indianapolis.

Bright blue skies and 70 degree weather were the perfect backdrop for a day at Tuttle Orchards, and the crowds were already rolling in. According to Ruth Ann, a fourth generation Tuttle and tour guide at the Orchards, Fall is the absolute busiest time of year at Tuttle Orchards, with nearly 75% of yearly attendance falling during that time. And approximately 10,000 children come with school tours each year. And it’s no wonder, because there is just so much to see and do.

Tuttle Orchards fall _ Indy's Child
In August, Tuttle Orchards featured a Sunflower Maze, which has now been replaced by the season corn maze.

Tuttle Orchards is home to over 20 varieties of apples. In 1920, Ruth Ann’s great grandfather planted 40 acres of apples, and the rest is history. Ninety five percent of the apples grown at the property are sold on the property in the Farm store and in delicious and sweet concoctions at the Sweet Shop. Tuttle Orchards has been family owned and operated for nearly 88 years, although they do take on some outside help during their peak Fall season.

Tuttle Orchards fall _ Indy's Child
Pick your own apples is a huge draw for the large crowds flocking to Tuttle Orchards in the Fall and is available at different price points.

Apples are picked starting in late August and are kept until April or May and are stored in a very cold, damp room. Different varieties are available at different points in the season. According to Ruth Ann, the best tasting apples take the longest to ripen. Families are welcome to head to the store and buy pre-picked apples, or more adventurous types can choose the pick-your-own option. Fresh apple cider is also available a little later into the season. Every one bushel of apples yields approximately three gallons of cider, and Tuttle Orchards produces about 1,000 gallons a day.

Tuttle Orchards fall _ Indy's Child
Apples galore! The crew at Tuttle Orchards begins picking apples in late August. When stored in a very cold, damp environment the apples will keep until April or May.

For those who are looking to experience the bounty of apple season without all the work, Tuttle Orchards has an expanded Sweet Shop and cafe – with more tables outside the cafe and in the greenhouse – that features out-of-this-world apple cider slushies, caramel dipped apples, and apple donuts just to name a few.

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Head across the street to experience good old fashioned Fall family fun! The new kids area, Tractor Town, is three times the size of last year. Hop on a hay ride to tour the orchards, listen to the history of the Tuttles, and enjoy the beauty of the countryside. If you dare, venture into the corn maze but be sure to find your way back!

{If you visited in August, you’ll remember Tuttle Orchards also hosted a great sunflower maze! Watch for this again next year.}

Tuttle Orchards fall _ Indy's Child
Tractor Town, the children’s play area, has been relocated this year and is about three times larger.
Tuttle Orchards fall _ Indy's Child
Tractor Town features slides, swings, a track for bikes, and many other play options sure to entertain the younger guests.

Worked up an appetite yet? Well, head back over to the Cafe, which also serves sandwiches, such as a pulled pork sandwich and chicken salad. The Cafe uses locally sourced ingredients from Hancock county as much as possible. Visiting on the weekend, then Tuttle’s Grill is open as well.

Tuttle Orchards fall _ Indy's Child
The greenhouse features extra tables for eating your delicious treats from the sweet shop and Tuttle’s Grill and is also available for parties.

Looking for a way to experience Tuttle Orchards without the crowds? Visit September 12-16th for Pick and Play week, which offers families entry before any school trips start. But don’t worry, Tuttle Orchards is open year-round and closed only on Sundays. They offer all-inclusive birthday parties and are already looking ahead to pick-your-own-pumpkin season which starts on September 23rd. What are you waiting for? Pack up the family and head to Tuttle Orchards for Fall family fun.

Tuttle Orchards fall _ Indy's Child
Tuttle Orchards sells 95% of the apples it produces on site.

 Fun Facts:

  • Did you know that apples stay fresh the longest when stored in a cold, damp environment?
  • Did you know that the Tuttle Orchards store is open all Winter long, selling vegetables and fruit?
  • Did you know that Tuttle Orchards sells around 25 varieties of apples throughout the year?
  • Did you know that Tuttle Orchards has been around for over 88 years?
  • Did you know that one bushel of apples yields about three gallons of apple cider?

MORE INFO: Tuttle Orchards is located at 5717 N 300 W in Greenfield. Hours are Mondays-Saturdays from 9am-7pm and closed Sundays. Some activities require a small fee to participate. Call {317} 326-2278 or visit their website for additional details.



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