Try it: Bongo Boy Kids Rhythm Club

I come from a family of four brothers. LOUD brothers. Banging, stomping, pounding brothers. Our weekends together were sonic in sound, and our activities even louder.

And when I walked in to the Bongo Boy Music School Kids Rhythm Club one Saturday morning, the banging immediately made me feel at home.

Housing studio space for private lessons during the week, Bongo Boy breaks the mold on Saturdays for two special Kids Rhythm Club programs:
  • – A Shake Rattle & Roll class for tots {under age 3} from 9:30-10:05am
  • – A Jam As A Fam class for ages 3+ from 10:15-11am
So what’s the story? As you enter the bright green room, you’ll see hand drums for participants to station at. Class kicks off with a call for ‘one, two, back to the groove’ and class-goers immediately get to pounding like a collective drum corps.
Who teaches the class? Instructor Lisa. She is filled with the energy of 40 boundless toddlers and drives each class with an unending enthusiasm. She guides drum play and teaches mini lessons about rhythm in a sing-songy way kids {and parents!} can really relate to. Lisa also sprinkles in some scarf dancing and other movement exercises.
Are classes targeted only toward older children? Not at all. In fact due to the popularity of the original Kids Rhythm Class, Bongo Boy decided to separate class into two programs: “Shake Rattle & Roll” {which was also featured at Indianapolis Public Library locations this past Spring} is perfect for the younger set ages 3 and under. “Jam As A Fam” is a perfect 45-minute class for kids of all ages although their listing notes it’s best for ages 3-8. Lisa does a great job of incorporating in kids over age 9 as class helpers.
Any other thoughts? Lisa does a fabulous job of reading a room. If certain activities don’t seem to be hitting it off with participants, she has no qualms about pausing midway and redirecting to something else. Other than that, just come prepared for fun – we have never left class bored or feeling like we didn’t get our fee’s worth.
Speaking of which, what does it cost? A cool $5/child. Parents are free.

As one of our family’s favorite activities in the city, Bongo Boy Music School has really become a go-to for Saturday fun. And yes, you need to try it.

Bongo Boy Music School is located at 8481 Bash Street, Suite #100 in Indianapolis. In addition to weekly Kids Rhythm Club classes, Bongo Boy also hosts a FREE Community Drum Circle on Thursdays from 7-7:45pm. For more information visit or call (317) 595-9065. 

BongoBoy3-wide Photos used courtesy of theCityMoms.

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