Research to Real World

Research to Real World: Preschool Prep… for Parents

This article appears in our January 2016 issue of Indy’s Child Parenting Magazine. Flip through it here or pick up a copy today at your local...

What is the purpose of kindergarten?

"As parents, we want to make an informed decision of what kind of kindergarten classroom our children experience." How do you answer this for your child?

Predicting Early Literacy

There are many reasons why a child may be a poor reader, both genetic and environmental. What if there was a test that could...

Entering Kindergarten

What can we do as parents to help our children transition to and succeed in kindergarten? Writer Tonya explores this question and many others in these formative years.

Research to Real World: Infant Sleep Patterns and Learning

Is she a good sleeper?” It’s one question new moms and dads hear over and over again. We know that how well an infant sleeps...

Executive Function: What is it?

It’s time to leave but your toddler screams, runs away and goes limp, so you pick her up and haul her out the door....

Research to Real World

As modern parents who rely on our cell phones and laptops to function day to day, we all feel that sense of dread when...