Top Secret Santa at Circle Centre Mall: A 2-minute review

I waited too long. Between holiday shopping, school concerts and getting our house together for family, I waited too long to take my kids to see Santa this year. And with Winter Break officially HERE, I knew all of our usual Santa haunts would be jam-packed.
Enter Simon Malls who spilled the beans: For the first time in the mall’s history, Circle Centre Mall in downtown Indianapolis is hosting a Santa Claus station. We packed up the car and headed there pronto.
Here’s a 2-minute review of why this top secret Santa is worth your trip:
  • – He was not busy. I repeat NOT BUSY AT ALL. Maybe it’s the more corporate-like atmosphere of the mall during the week but Santa’s helpers mentioned the most trafficked they’ve been since opening were 3-4 kids in line.
  • Top Secret Santa - Indy's Child– He was soooooooo {how many o’s can I put here?} kind. He immediately engaged my kids, waved them over, then sat with them to talk Christmas and their wish lists.
  • – The pictures were less expensive than I’ve found other places, starting at $19.99 for a package that can easily be handed out to grandparents, etc as holiday gifts.
Afterward we wandered the mall, added more to our Christmas lists and grabbed lunch. Emerson looked over as we walked back to the car and told me Santa smelled nice. “Like what?” I asked. “Pine needles… and chocolate. He’s probably been sneaking a little from the workshop.” I smiled.


MORE INFO: Santa Claus will be available for visitors 12/22 from 10am-8pm, 12/23 from 9am-9pm and 12/24 from 9am-6pm. The Santa station is located on the 3rd floor across from The Sweet Factory candy store. Parking is available in the mall garage but I recommend street parking to avoid the jam and entering through a street side entrance. Circle Centre Mall is located at 49 W. Washington Street in downtown Indianapolis. Call {317} 681-5615 or visit for more details. Disclosure: Indy’s Child received product or payment in exchange for this review. All opinions shared however are those of the contributor who wrote them.


Jeanine Bobenmoyer - Indy's ChildAbout Jeanine:

Jeanine Bobenmoyer is an explorer by heart and her enthusiasm for trying new things drives her family out into the Indianapolis community together as often as possible. Her son Hunter will likely become the next Bo Jackson and daughter Emerson is undoubtedly headed for Broadway or Harvard. Or both.

When Jeanine is not checking out the newest hotspot or serving as a writer for Indy’s Child, she puts on her hat as the Chief Mom Officer for theCityMoms, the largest support and social network for moms in Indianapolis. She loves yoga, University of Michigan football, trail running and wouldn’t be upset if Ryan Gosling knocked on her door one day {although Jeanine’s husband might be}. She’d also drop everything if Eddie Vedder asked her to join Pearl Jam on tour. Find Jeanine on Twitter or Instagram.


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