The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park at Newfields

The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park at Newfields is an Indianapolis gem. Also called 100 Acres (because it sits on 100 acres of land), this urban oasis is a great place to find art and nature in the heart of Indianapolis.

This interactive sculpture park is great for families with kids because all of the artwork in the park is meant to be played with, played on, explored and enjoyed. The park also includes a 35-acre lake, woodlands, wetlands, and the largest native pollinator meadow in Indianapolis.

A Great Indianapolis Park for Families

The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park is one of the coolest parks in Indy for families. There is so much to enjoy! And best of all: The park is open every day from sunrise to sunset, and is completely free. Here are just some of the things to enjoy during your visit to 100 Acres.

Art in the Park

The park is known for its art installations that blend nature, creativity and culture. Visitors can walk all around the park and see a diverse collection of sculptures and interactive installations created by both local and international artists. All of the artwork in the park is designed to be played on and with, making this park the perfect place for families to explore.

Oracle of Intimation

Part of the Home Again exhibition that opened in spring 2024, Oracle of Intimation is a roof-shaped sculpture in The Hawryluk Sculpture Green. It looks like a house that has been buried underground! Walk on the roof, or climb inside the house and connect your smartphone to a built-in speaker to amplify music, spoken word or other sounds.


Pollinator Pavilion

The ornate 21.5-foot-tall gazebo is surrounded with native pollinating flowers and hummingbird feeders and decorated with original paintings.

This is NOT a Refuge

Visitors can sit on a bench inside the white house-shaped structure and listen to recordings of over a dozen immigrants and refugees living in Indianapolis. These refugees share stories that highlight cultural differences and similarities, and illustrate the reality of living within a system where the cards are stacked against them.

Funky Bones

Funky Bones was designed as an artwork meant for resting, climbing, picnicking and playing! This group of 20 white bone-shaped benches look like bones in a human skeleton, and is a must-visit at 100 Acres.


Free Basket

This gigantic sculpture is one of the first ones you will see as you enter the park. The massive basketball court consists of 24 red and blue arches that mimics the trajectory of a bouncing ball changing possession between two teams.

Team Building (Align)

This floating sculpture features two large rings suspended high in the sky. During the summer solstice, the rings’ shadows align perfectly, creating the illusion of only one ring.

Stratum Pier

Look out at the White River from the Stratum Pier, a structure that provides a cool place to observe the expansive 35-acre lake and woodlands. The design of structure was developed based on a topographical map of the park.

Nature Trails

You’ll begin to understand the meaning behind the park’s 100 Acres nickname when you walk around the park. This park is huge! It offers an extensive network of nature trails that wind through diverse landscapes of woodlands, meadows and alongside the White River.

The park caters to a variety of hiking preferences, from leisurely strolls to more challenging treks. There are lots of opportunities for families to explore and appreciate the natural beauty of Indiana. Friendly, leashed dogs are also allowed, making it an ideal destination for pet-friendly family outings.

Plan Your Visit 

  • ADDRESS: The Virginia B. Fairbanks Art & Nature Park at Newfields is located at 1850 West 38th Street in Indianapolis.
  • ADMISSION: Admission is free.
  • HOURS: The park is open to the public every day from dawn to dusk.
  • PARKING: Parking is free. The parking lot entry is located at 1850 West 38th Street, about one-half block west of the main Newfields entrance. There is a parking lot located by the basketball structure, and another parking lot (with handicap access) closer to the entrance of the park.
  • PETS: Dogs are welcome on a leash.
  • RESTROOMS: Restrooms are located at the Ruth Lilly Pavilion. However, the pavilion is closed from November 1–April 1. Port-a-potties are also located by the parking lot.
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