2-minute review: The Trial of Goldilocks debuts at Civic Theatre

Is Goldilocks guilty? How would her story hold up in a court of law? We were curious to know too, so we sent IC Insider Megan and her daughter Ro to investigate at the Civic Theatre of Carmel where the production – comprised entirely of young actors ages 14 and under – is running through June 22nd. Is it worth a visit to see? Here is Megan {and Ro’s} 2-minute review…

We’ve all heard the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. The porridge is too hot, the chair is too soft, the bed is juuuuuust right… but I bet you haven’t heard all sides of the story.

In “The Trial of Goldilocks” you will see and hear through song more than one version of this famous fairy tale. Is Goldilocks guilty of trespassing in the home of the three bears? Or was she just an innocent girl trying to get some rest? We will plead The Fifth and let you decide on your own. But prepare to laugh & smile during this 45 minute show. The actors {all of which are UNDER 14 years of age} are beyond adorable and very professional. Their pose onstage shows they’re destined for a future in showbiz – or politics! You never know! – and they portrayed a comfort matched only by some of the professional shows I’ve seen. My eight year old, Ro, was very impressed and said they were the best she has ever seen! She gives the show two thumbs up.

We might miss the Goldilocks Picnic taking place following Saturday’s afternoon show, but I have noticed these little ‘extras’ the Civic Theatre has been sprinkling in to their repertoire for past shows {wasn’t there a Mad Hatter’s Tea for their production of Alice In Wonderland?}, and love the extension in programming.Trial of Goldilocks _ Indy's Child Magazine

Coming up next at Civic Theatre: Legally Blonde, which kicks off July 28th with a guest appearance by someone very special to the Indy’s Child team, our resident musical theater writer {and blogger extraordinaire!} Trisha Shepherd.

But until then, put Goldilocks on trial through June 22nd at Civic Theatre. But don’t ask us to spill the verdict – that’s for you to find out.

MORE INFO: The Trial of Goldilocks takes place on the stage of the Jr Civic Theater at the Tarkington located at 3 Center Green #200, Carmel. Tickets range between $10-$15. Showtimes are Saturday, June 18th at 2 and 5pm; Monday, June 20 at 10am and 1pm; Tuesday, June 21 at 10am and 1pm; and Wednesday, June 22 at 10am and 1pm. Visit their website or call {317} 924-6770. 

Megan Leahy - Indy's Child Digital WriterA 30-something stay-at-home-mom of two, Megan Leahy is an Indy transplant who doesn’t like to stay at home. Originally from central Illinois, you can find her anywhere from the public library returning an overdue book or Target buying more than she went in for to taking her husband & kiddos out on the town or spending time with her friends at a local hot spot.

Megan is an avid volunteer who loves working with children and helping those in need. In 2015 she founded Pals on Patrol, a non-profit that collects new/very gently used stuffed animals that police, fire/rescue, and DCS staff can give to children in time of crisis. Follow her on Twitter or check out palsonpatrol.com.

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