The Splash Pad at West Park

Looking for a place to splish and splash the day away? As the temperatures rise, you may find yourself searching for places around town where your child can cool off on a hot summer day.

When the sun is shining and the temperatures are climbing, consider putting on your suit and heading over to the Splash Pad at West Park in Carmel where your child can run and play and stay cool.

This park is definitely a summer time family favorite. The kids love the unique playground and water features. As a parent, it is nice because the play structure and water feature are located close enough to each other that it is relatively easy to keep an eye on multiple kids who may not all want to be in the same place at the same time.

West Park also offers families plenty of opportunity for exploring nature with butterfly gardens, wide open lawns and meadows, walking trails and a pond with bridges to walk across.

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If your child is in the mood to play, West Park offers a really cool play structure with large tunnel slides, a rope feature for climbing and swings.

When it’s time to cool off, your little one can head over to the water area where there are plenty options for getting wet.

The splash pad at West Park provides an area for running, splashing and getting drenched (if your little one so desires.)

In addition to the splash pad, there is a water feature that resembles a creek with rocks to climb on –

and an area where the water has pooled that is perfect for sitting or even laying down if you are really in the mood.


With all of that running and playing, your little one is bound to work up an appetite. Consider packing a snack or a meal to enjoy in the large pavilion with plenty of seating and lots of shade. As a reminder, you may want to consider packing a change of clothes for the ride home. This park can leave kids wet and tired after a day of play. After a snack and a change of clothes, your little one is more than likely going to be ready for a long, satisfying, summer time nap. And, if you are fortunate, after you get back home you may be able to enjoy a little summer time nap of your own.

West Park is located at 2700 West 116th Street in Carmel. As a reminder, be sure to pack your sunscreen, towels and plenty of water to stay hydrated in the heat.

Jennifer Thompson is a stay-at-home mom of four spunky, sweet, kind and sometimes a bit wild children. She has a passion for the written word and thinks that libraries and bookstores are the coolest places ever. When not hanging out with family or writing, she can be found enjoying a good cup of coffee, running, spending quality time with friends, working on some type of project around the house, planning the family’s next trip to her favorite destination – Walloon Lake, Michigan, or very possibly – reading a book.

Jennifer enjoys writing about her parenting experience and outings with her children for Indy’s Child as a freelance writer and blogger and also keeps a personal blog,, that she has fun writing when time permits.

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