THE LUME Indianapolis Debuts July 27 at Newfields

Step into a digital world of art when THE LUME Indianapolis debuts at Newfields on July 27, 2021. Explore the combination of great art and cutting-edge technology at its finest with floor to ceiling projections of some of the most famous paintings in the world. As the largest exhibition experience in Newfields’ 137-year history, guests will be able to walk through nearly 30,000 square feet of immersive galleries and take in breathtaking masterpieces as you explore a new multi-sensory digital world. THE LUME Indianapolis is a must-see cultural experience created by Australian-based Grande Experiences.

THE LUME Indianapolis will feature nearly 150 state-of-the-art digital projectors that can transform two-dimensional paintings into a three-dimensional world that guests can explore through all their senses. The exhibition featured in THE LUME will move far beyond the static nature of traditional art exhibitions. The LUME Indianapolis will be a new permanent attraction at Newfields, with the first year’s show featuring the breathtaking paintings of Vincent van Gogh. Friends and families of all ages are sure to enjoy the fascinating world of Van Gogh and his captivating art in a brand-new light.

Ticket Information:

July 1 Member Presale
July 6 Public Tickets On Sale

Guests visiting LUME will need to purchase a ticket for THE LUME Indianapolis. Newfields General Admission tickets do not include LUME. Tickets for THE LUME are on sale one month in advance. For example: August 3 – You can buy Sept. 28-Oct. 31. Find more ticket info here. 

More About THE LUME

The inaugural experience in THE LUME will spotlight the breathtaking paintings of Vincent van Gogh (Dutch, 1853-1890). Close to 3,000 moving images of Van Gogh’s paintings will be set to an evocative classical music score, transporting guests into the fascinating world of Van Gogh. Food and beverage elements, as well as retail opportunities, will round out the engaging experience. THE LUME’s grand opening in Indianapolis will be the first-time guests will be able to experience a digital gallery of this scale and sophistication at an art museum in the United States.

“After five years of research into art consumer motivation and innovative digital exhibitions in Asia, Australia and Europe, we are thrilled to unveil THE LUME Indianapolis at Newfields next year as a groundbreaking addition to what we have to offer,” said Dr. Charles L. Venable The Melvin & Bren Simon Director and CEO at Newfields. “I am very pleased that we have been able to partner with Grande Experiences to become the first museum in the country to fully embrace the future of digital exhibitions. My experience on other continents demonstrated how the combination of cutting-edge digital projection technology and great works of art can motivate new audiences to engage with art exhibitions. Welcoming diverse audiences is a major goal of Newfields, and we believe THE LUME Indianapolis will attract infrequent art museum visitors because they will be able to fully immerse themselves in an artist’s work in less formal ways than in a traditional gallery. THE LUME Indianapolis is more than an exhibition, it is an experience.”

THE LUME Indianapolis’ first experience will allow guests to explore the work of the post-impressionist painter Vincent van Gogh in an unforgettable way. Among the most famous and influential artists in the history of Western art, Van Gogh is known for Sunflowers (1888, National Gallery, London) and The Starry Night (1889, The Museum of Modern Art, New York), both of which will be key highlights of this dynamic experience. Guests will also be invited to see Newfields’ own iconic painting by Van Gogh, Landscape at Saint-Rémy (1889) in the IMA Galleries before or after they witness Van Gogh’s paintings come to life in THE LUME.

THE LUME was created by Australian-based Grande Experiences, who have held more than 190 exhibitions and experiences in more than 145 cities worldwide and reached over 17 million visitors. The company’s founder, Bruce Peterson, reimagined touring exhibitions 15 years ago by pioneering advanced, multi-sensory technology to engage audiences more deeply with compelling storytelling techniques within a fascinating exhibition experience. Peterson said THE LUME is the answer to global audiences’ growing appetite for meaningful and shared experiences and is proud to bring this next-generation immersive art gallery to Newfields.

“The cultural scene is vastly changing as visitors demand new experiences. We have been at the forefront of this movement globally as our popular exhibitions have quickly moved from artefact-based, to multimedia, to multi-sensory and now to very experiential,” said Bruce Peterson, Grande Experiences Founder. “Today, we engage many more new audiences through this style of experience. We are engaging new audiences to appreciate the arts in a different way, and we know from our work internationally that it will encourage more people to visit places like Newfields with renewed appreciation.”


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