The Last Laugh

I was sure that my mom was invisible, that woman always knew where I was, but I would never see her. – Secrena D.

My son thinks I have “mind reading power.” He is blown away how I can tell when he is telling a fib…although really the silly little look on his face says it all. – Julia M.

My dad had super hearing. I could whisper something four rooms away with a closed door and he would hear it. – Grace H.

My daughter thinks I can see her at school (kindergartener) since I know everything she did that day! (Thanks to the teacher email I get before she gets off the bus!) – Amber F.

I thought my mom could hear everything from miles away, but then I realized she just hung out outside my bedroom door and snuck away before getting caught. – Mandi L.

My mom is deaf, I always thought growing up she really could hear and she was just testing us. It’s funny because my daughter used to think the same thing. – Kim C.

My mom used to tell me she had eyes in the back of her head! I used to try to find them. – Sharon D.

I used to think my dad could change the stop lights on command. He would snap his fingers and our light would turn green for us to go. My son thinks that I have this super power now. So fun!! – Michelle H.

My mom was a single mom when I was growing up, she had to have had super powers!! She could turn a $1 into $50, always made sure we had food and everything we needed!! – Natalie N.

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