The Birth Order Chart

Have you seen this before?

It’s like someone crawled inside my brain and wrote perfect descriptions of each of my children based solely on birth order.

Lets start at the beginning… with First Born.

Natural Leader- She definitely takes control of every situation, whether it’s playing with her friends or siblings. She’s also member of student council at her school. Why? Because she wants to be in charge.

High Achiever- She does well in school. She is in an advanced math class for her grade. She is a high achiever.

Know-It-All- LOL. Most definitely. No mater the subject, she has an expert opinion on the topic…and is sometimes even correct. Once, my son was saying he was going to marry his cousin, I told him he couldn’t. She told me, in fact FDR married his distant cousin, so it’s acceptable to do so.

Bossy- Oh my goodness does she boss her siblings around like she is one of their parents.

Adult Pleaser and Rule Obeyer- These two qualities make her a teacher’s pet, in fact she has been in every one of her classes, every year.

Next, let’s take a look at Middle Man.

Easy Going- “I want to do what you want to do, Dad.” “I want to read what bedtime book you want to read.” Yes, I’d say he’s easy going.

Social- We call him a little politician. He makes friends everywhere we go, introducing himself, holding doors open for people and shaking hands with his new friends.

Generous/Peacemaker- He was given two Colts preseason game tickets for his birthday. I asked him if I could take him to the game and he told me he wasn’t sure what to do because there weren’t enough tickets for everyone. He was nervous that he would upset everyone else in the room if he didn’t choose them. First Born wouldn’t have given it a second thought.

Finally lets look at the baby of the family…The Blonde Bomber.

Risk Taker-She is a 100% adrenaline junkie. Whether it’s being pulled on a tube from behind a boat, or riding in a bike trailer, she always wants to go faster. She even enjoys the adrenaline rush of eating spicy foods at dinner.

Likes to be Pampered- In her case, this should be changed to, “Expects to be pampered.””Where’s my blue spoon?!?” “I want to drink out of my princess cup!” In this regard, I feel sorry for her future spouse.

Financially irresponsible: Unknown at this time…but if I were a betting man…again feeling sorry for future spouse.

Sense of Humor. She’s the only child I know that as a two-year-old was doing different voices to make people laugh.

So yes, I’d say this birth order chart has things figured out. I wish I knew where this chart came from so I could give credit where credit is due. Have you looked at the chart? How do your kids fit into this? I’m also curious how parents with one child feel about accuracy of the only child section.

Let me know your thoughts on the Birth Order Chart.


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