The Big Banana

For many years, I worked long and sometimes strange hours that meant I was miles away and behind a desk when the school bus arrived at our house after school. Somebody was there to greet them – my husband, or a babysitter – but not me. If I ever happened to be at home sick, I always loved watching that big yellow banana pull up, and my kids come racing out toward the front door.

Now, I have a work schedule that has given me an incredible gift: I get to see that moment – kids racing out of the big banana – three times each week. I am still pinching myself.

This moment shines so brightly for me because it happens just about 60 seconds before the chaos of messy snacks, homework battles and sibling arguments begin. For just a fleeting moment, all I can see on their faces is how happy they are to be home.

I hope they can see on my face how happy I am that they’re home too.

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