The Addie and Adam Show

Kids of all ages love watching YouTube, but it can be a challenge to find videos they find entertaining and parents find appropriate.

Enter “The Addie and Adam Show” – a weekly talk show from Adam and Addie Grubb, a father/daughter team from Noblesville.  

Addie is a sixth grader at a Noblesville middle school and Adam owns a production company. The idea for their show was born last year when Addie was playing around in Adam’s studio. “Addie was watching how everything works and she’s always had that [performer] personality,” says Adam. “She did a piece and I turned it into a show and each week since then we’ve watched it grow and grow.”

Viewers can catch “The Addie and Adam Show” on YouTube or Facebook. Recently Adam and Addie launched a special series called “Slushies with Addie.” Adam suggested the idea because he knows how much Addie loves slushies and thought it would be a fun addition to her interviews with local personalities. Addie’s first interview subject was Jeremy Gray, Associate Athletic Director for Strategic Communications at Indiana University. She has also talked to Westfield High School head football coach, Jake Gilbert. This particular episode was their most popular with 6,000 views on Facebook alone. “Most of our shows get 2,000 – 3,500 views,” says Adam. In an upcoming interview, Addie will interview coaches with the Indiana Fever.

Adam says that Addie has grown as an interviewer over the year. “Each weekly show is about an hour and a half of work,” he says. “The slushies segments are a lot of work for Addie because we’re on location, we have to do lighting and she has to come up with the questions for the interviews.”

“The Addie and Adam Show” continues to grow its audience and the duo has earned some impressive recognition for their work. This past April, Addie was awarded the FOX 59 and Community Health Network’s Community Hero of the Month. And the praise doesn’t stop there. Fishers 5th grader Hadley Ricketts enjoys tuning in, saying, “I like ‘The Addie and Adam Show’ because it’s funny and I like that it is just a father and daughter having fun together. My favorite episode is the one where Addie meets her dad’s former teacher.”

Occasionally a negative comment will pop up on the show’s Facebook or YouTube page which the two discuss. Addie says that her dad reads the comments and she is aware that once in a while someone writes something that isn’t nice. “We mostly brush it off,” she says.

Addie and Adam are proud of the fact that they have continually posted a new show each week for over a year and have plans to keep going. “We get asked a lot about the goals for the show,” says Adam. “‘The Addie and Adam Show’ will go wherever it goes. The views and notoriety are really cool, but if the show isn’t fun and anymore, we’ll just call it.”

Check out “The Addie and Adam Show” on Facebook at or YouTube channel at

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