Teaching Kids to Care Through Family Volunteering

Do you want to teach your children the importance of giving back and caring for others?

A great way to do this, and spend quality time together, is through the act of volunteering as a family. As you share your time and resources, you will not only be helping others in your community, but will also find that volunteering together is an incredibly enriching experience for both young and old alike. 

You might love the idea of serving together, but maybe you are unsure where to begin. Joanna Woodruff, volunteer coordinator for Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation, shares some of the benefits of volunteering with children, as well as some tips on how to get started.

How beneficial is volunteering as a family? 

Working together as a family, especially while volunteering, can be very impactful. Volunteering often takes teamwork, and that, in turn, strengthens family bonds that help each individual member of the family recognize that they are part of a greater good.

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What are some of the benefits of volunteering with children? 

Volunteerism is linked to overall well-being and happiness, ultimately leading to healthy lifestyles. Volunteering can build a child’s empathy and compassion, as well as leadership skills that can be nurtured throughout their life. It’s often difficult to teach children these qualities, so learning by example is essential, and volunteering with children is an excellent way to foster this type of learning.

In addition to all of the benefits that volunteering can provide an individual, volunteering outside, in the parks, can also provide its own plethora of benefits, from lowering stress to being physically active.

Volunteering as a family has a plethora of benefits, including teaching invaluable life skills and emotional responses such as compassion, empathy, self-awareness, gratitude, generosity and kindness. You will be impacting the lives of others — and your family — as you take time out of your schedule to give back to your community.

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