SullivanMunce Cultural Center in Zionsville

The SullivanMunce Cultural Center in Zionsville has been a great resource for art, history and genealogy in Boone County since 1973. The museum also serves as the Town of Zionsville’s Welcome Center, located near the famed brick street in downtown Zionsville. 

What makes the center a go-to destination is the wide range of classes, activities and educational opportunities for children and adults. Whether you’re homeschooling or just want to stop by and experience a few hours of fun and learning, there is plenty to explore at this center. 

Photo by SullivanMunce Cultural Center

Museum and History

When you walk into SullivanMunce Cultural Center, you’re greeted by a rotating display of Boone County artifacts — from wedding dresses to artwork to first responder collections –- all from different time frames in history. 

The center also has one of the largest privately funded genealogy collections in Indiana, with photos, family history, census records, maps and more. 

At the center, you can also find out informative facts about the town. For instance: Did you know that Zionsville served as one of the stops on former president Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural train ride to Washington D.C.? Or that some of the homes in Zionsville have historical significance? You’ll learn that as you walk through downtown Zionsville, if you spot an oval-shaped plaque with a date on it, the home has been researched and identified as one of the oldest existing structures in the town. 

Photo by SullivanMunce Cultural Center

Art Center 

The art center is located in a 1920s bungalow attached to the museum, and offers community art exhibitions throughout the year, as well as classes and workshops for all ages. Children ages 4-17 can attend summer camp at the art center, or take an eight-week course on clay, pottery, jewelry or glass. Workshops are offered throughout the year for teens and adults who are interested in a variety of art mediums. 

Walking Tours

On the first Saturday of the month from May through October, the SullivanMunce Cultural Center hosts walking tours. Visitors can check out the village of Zionsville, check out the historic homes and learn more about the early businesses and events in the historic town. 

On October 1 and 2, 2021, the center will offer their annual Ghost Walk Tour, which features volunteers dressed as ghostly characters telling stories. Visitors can walk along a designated path and learn about the creepier side of Zionsville. Each stop is family-friendly and involves historical facts about the town. 

More Info

SullivanMunce Cultural Center is located at 225 W. Hawthorne Street in Zionsville.

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