Palette Community Art Center in Zionsville Encourages Little Artists 

As a professionally trained painter, Rebecca Cisneros was surprised when she began working at Zionsville Community School’s preschool and loved every minute of it. With the desire to combine her love for teaching and art, Cisneros opened Palette Community Art Center, a unique art studio in the heart of Zionsville’s downtown area. 

Palette Community Art Center

What Makes Palette Unique

Students are encouraged to use their imaginations and experiment with a variety of media. When you sign up for an eight-week session, there’s typically no set theme or agenda. Rather, the plan is open and natural, following the passions of the little artists versus forcing a specific technique or plan. Cisneros’ goal is to meet each child where they are and grow from there. 

Palette Community Art Center

No Clean Up Necessary 

During the day, Cisneros holds drop-in mommy and me art classes for toddlers in addition to homeschool courses. The great thing about going to Palette for art time, is the relaxation and relationship building that comes with it. Moms can let their toddler make a big mess working in sensory bins, with shaving cream and lots of paint, without the hassle of cleaning up afterward. They can also enjoy art time with their kiddos, just being present and in the moment. 

Palette Community Art Center

Learning to Let Go

Cisneros said her students often exhibit anxiety in the first few classes. 

“It’s really interesting to be a part of,” Cisneros says. “They’re so used to being told exactly what needs to get done, at first, they just want to finish. Instead, I want them to learn that you can’t do anything wrong in art, no one is going to get upset and there are no mistakes. Creativity is a huge factor moving forward. You have to be innovative and think outside the lines. If you’re always just memorizing, you’re not getting practice in that area.” 

Art Summer Camps

Unlike classes throughout the year, the summer is full of themed weeks. If interested in trying your hand at art surrounding magical creatures, foodie fun, underwater adventures or puppies and kittens, visit to register. 

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