Spring Spruce Up

If outdated décor is getting you down, breathe new life into your home with some simple changes. A fresh, new look is closer than you think.


Sometimes a new view is all it takes to bring your home back to life. If your couch has been in the same spot for the past 20 years, move it! Switch your end tables around, or swap them with pieces from another room. Don’t be afraid to move objects from one room to another or break up furniture sets.

Moving into a new home is an overwhelming task, but the one thing I enjoy about the process is unpacking and seeing new possibility in my old “stuff”. Pretend you are new to your home, and rethink the placement of your pieces.

f you have difficulty switching things up, invite a friend over to help you. A fresh pair of eyes is always a plus!


If your home feels a bit stale, rearrange your knick knacks. Take everything off your bookshelves, coffee table and mantel. Put back only the things you really love, and put them in a new spot. “Shop” your home for accessories, and move objects from rooms you don’t often use to a place where they can be seen and appreciated.


Paint remains one of the most affordable ways to breathe new life into a room. For very little money and some elbow grease, a fresh coat of paint can completely transform a space. And don’t neglect the trim. Trim can easily get dingy and dinged over the years. Freshen it up with paint, or at least give it a good cleaning.

But why stop with the walls? Furniture painting is very in vogue, and there are great products that make the process easier than ever. Painting tables, chairs, dressers and cabinetry can make a big impact. Freshen up smaller accessories such as mirrors or picture frames with a fun paint color.


Replacing large pieces of furniture is costly. If your sofa or chair has good bones and is structurally sound, reupholstering is a great option. And, the bonus is that you aren’t limited in fabric choices.

If reupholstering is not in the budget, have cushions re-stuffed to perk up a sagging sofa. Transform a tired couch by draping a throw over it and adding toss pillows in new colors or patterns. If you have a bold patterned couch, choose a throw or pillows in soft, solid colors.

One of my favorite ways to update a home is by recovering dining chair seats. Anyone with removable seats and a staple gun can tackle this project. Just pick out a new fabric and get to work! This simple change can give your dining area a completely new look.


Lighting can make or break a room. Luckily, there’s a quick, inexpensive way to transform the look of dated lamps: change the shade! Drum shades are chic, current and can be used on nearly any style lamp. You’ll be amazed how a drum shade can bring your lamp back to life.

Customize a lamp to fit perfectly with your décor by spray painting the base and recovering the shade in a stylish fabric.

Nothing can date a room quite like an out-of-date light fixture dangling from the middle of your ceiling. Change up your chandelier’s finish with spray paint or rub ‘n buff. Add or remove its shades, or replace traditional light bulbs with small round bulbs for an unexpected twist.

You don’t have to start from scratch to create a home you love. A fresh outlook and some simple changes can transform any home from tired to terrific.

For more great ideas, visit Carolyn’s blog at www.sweetchaoshome.blogspot.com

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