Sounds in Play

There are plenty of opportunities during the day to present sounds that will help children engage in the process of learning language.  Using a variety of sounds presented during play times are not only fun, but also add more meaning to the activity.

Check out a few ideas to get you going during playtime and daily routines!  Bubbles, baby dolls, and cars offer opportunity for repetitive sounds to be present and imitated.  With bubbles, you could use words such as “open”, “more”, and “my turn”.  Hold the wand and pause… “Blowww!” following with “pop pop” as you pop the bubbles.  Baby dolls are great to incorporate sounds and words such as “ahh” as you hug the baby, “shhh” and “wake up!”.  Cars are not only exciting but offer anticipation and opportunity for the child to use spontaneous sounds and words.  This can be accomplished through modeling “1, 2, 3…GOOOO!!” Allow wait time after “3” to give the child the opportunity to say “GO!” and watch the car speed away!

Daily routines are another great way to incorporate these sounds and words.  During meal time, you could say “mmm mmmm” or “yummy” after a bite.  Words and phrases such as “that’s hot!” and “more” are also great to include in a repetitive way.  While brushing teeth, you could include “turn on the water, shh, it’s cold, brr!”, “Squeeeeeze” (the toothpaste) and “all done!”.  The most important thing to remember when incorporating sounds in play and routines is to have fun!

Kelli Blankenship, M.A., CED

Early Intervention Specialist

St. Joseph Institute for the Deaf



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