Sometimes You Need a Jellyfish- Kickstarter Campaign

Fellow stay-at-home dad and author illustrator Chris Routly has a new book coming out. This is his third book in all and this time he’s going to Kickstarter in order to help finance it.

His short three-minute video explains why he’s choosing Kickstarter to help create his new book, how he came up with the idea for the book and all the details.

One really cool thing about his Kickstarter campaign is all the prizes available at certain donation levels. For example, a $25 donation gets you a signed first-edition hardcover book, stickers, bookmarks, and your name in the acknowledgements section of the book. Greater donations include things like t-shirts, original canvas prints of the artwork from the book, even live readings from the author himself!

So if you are looking for some kind of crazy, cool, unique gift and want to help out this dad please consider looking into this. I don’t know Chris personally, he didn’t ask me or pay me to do this, it just seems like a neat project so I’m helping spread the word for him.



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