Skipping Math Class

As was writing a different post about wrapping up the school year, I received an email from my daughter’s math teacher about end of the year math assessments her students just finished taking.

The email stated, “According to the district procedure, in order for a child to skip a grade in math he or she needed to pass the assessment for the grade they are IN with an 85% or above and pass the end of the year assessment for the grade they are SKIPPING with a 75%.”

My daughter met both of these requirements, so the math teacher emailed me recommending she skip 3rd grade math next year, but wanted to check with us before making the recommendation.

The only reservation I have with her skipping a grade in math would be she enjoys it so much now. I would hate for her stop liking math if it becomes too hard for her. I guess I’m just being cautious and concerned for her well-being. That’s normal right?

On the other hand, if she does take advanced math next year it definitely has potential to be a huge confidence booster. Potentially, she will see herself as bright and “advanced” which could motivate her in her other classes too. Also, why take a year of a class that you can score a 75% on the end of the year assessment on already?

My wife and I are definitely leaning towards the decision to have her skip a grade in math. Although I suppose it makes sense to give my daughter some input into this choice too, right?

This is one of those decisions where all you want is what’s best for your kid, but you don’t know which choice will be best until long after the decision has been made.


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