Seven kids – easier than three?

Today’s wish: that I continue finding the energy to create “happy chaos” moments at home.

It has often been said that I try to do too much.

It’s true. I take on a lot, by choice. And sometimes, it gets crazy.

But there are times, like today, when biting off more than it seems like I can chew actually makes life easier.

I had a HOUSEFUL of kids for a while yesterday. I lost count, but at one point it was probably around 14. It was pure chaos. The house quickly erupted into a mess. There were pizza crusts, half-empty cups and crumbs of chips on every surface.

But – there wasn’t a single fight or argument. Everyone was laughing.

Compared with moments earlier in the day, when sibling tension had erupted into a mini-war between my restless three kids, this was absolutely blissful.

As the evening got late, four extra kids remained in the house, along with my three. I lit a candle and tried to escape into a quiet bath. Little girls have great radar for this kind of thing, though. Daisy and her friend found me. I gave up my “spa” moment, deciding to let them indulge instead.

Later, when the house was finally quiet and dark, I finally found my own moment to sip an adult beverage, breathe and relax. It was heavenly.

This morning, seven children gathered in the kitchen, pouring syrup over waffles and dumping cereal into bowls. I sipped my coffee and smiled.

It was loud. It was messy. It was a little “too much.”

But it was peaceful, in its own wild way.

I’ll take that over “quiet and calm” any day.


Trisha Lawless
Trisha Lawless
Trisha Lawless is an Indianapolis-based corporate communications advisor and freelance writer who began her career as a television news journalist. She enjoys performing in local theatre productions as her schedule permits, and has appeared in roles with Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, Indianapolis Civic Theatre, and BobDirex. Trisha and her husband Ben are proud residents of Indy’s Historic Irvington neighborhood where they live with their children (middle school through college age) and Golden Retriever.

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