Rigoberto Sanchez: Colts punter talks about raising kids in Indianapolis

The new punter for the Indianapolis Colts is learning the perks of raising kids in Indianapolis

Rigoberto Jovany Sanchez and his wife, Cynthia, started their parenting years here in the Hoosier state. Back in 2017, the pair had their first year in Indianapolis, when Sanchez started playing for the Indianapolis Colts. It was also the year that the two became engaged after Rigoberto proposed at the Circle of Lights in Downtown Indy. Not long afterward, they were married. Now in 2022, the couple is continuing to introduce their 8-month-old daughter to all the city has to offer. 

They rattle off the places they can’t wait to take their daughter, from the renowned Children’s Museum to the Indianapolis Zoo and more sights around downtown. “She’s starting to notice her surroundings more, so a trip to the zoo will definitely be in the near future despite her young age,” Rigoberto says.  

Rigoberto Jovany Sanchez: Colts punter talks about raising kids in Indianapolis
Rigoberto Jovany Sanchez and his wife, Cynthia and daughter.

“She just makes us look like professionals when it comes to parenting because she is just such an easy baby at times,” Cynthia says. “We think maybe she takes after Rigo because she is so mellow.”  

Until those bigger excursions around Indy, the baby is content taking day trips to parks or sitting in the car as Rigoberto and Cynthia enjoy backroad drives, taking in the scenery. “We especially enjoy Indiana in the fall,” they say. “We love Indiana all the time, but the sunsets during that time are just amazing.” 

The pair still spends time in Northern California near Chico, as much of their family still lives there. They say that while they may prefer most of the Mexican food and family times back in their hometown, “As soon as we touch down in Indy, it’s all about getting back to the great outdoors and exploring the city,” Rigoberto says. The couple says that Indy offers other, more abstract attractions, too: It’s a place they can feel comfortable raising their child while Rigoberto plays ball. 

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“The fans are very down-to-earth people, which is very special, to be honest, when you are in the public eye,” Cynthia says. “Fans will come over and say hi without overstepping — they are just really respectful of our privacy. That vibe might be very different in other cities where fans may be a bit more disruptive. Plus, Indiana gives us city life without all the traffic and lack of parking!” 

As parents, the two say, their world has now changed forever. “Becoming a parent changes your life in an instant,” Cynthia says. “We are still learning as parents. We are young parents. We do wake up to a new baby every day — she is learning something new all the time.”  

Rigoberto Jovany Sanchez and his wife, Cynthia

And growing up in Indianapolis would make being a family even more enjoyable. “It would be amazing for her to grow up in the kind of community we have here, where everyone is so nice and down to earth. We hope to stay longer in Indianapolis. It’s a big blessing to be able to play in Indy,” Rigoberto says.    

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