Prenatal & Baby Care Classes in Indy

The labor and birth process can make even the most organized person feel overwhelmed. Luckily, there are many resources around Indianapolis to help put your mind and body at ease as you prepare for the birth of your baby. Here are just some of the class offerings you’ll find at local hospitals to ease your journey into parenthood!

Birthing Classes

Birth & Baby

This class is geared toward first-time parents. It provides education about the birth process, the hospital experience and newborn care. 

Location: Community Hospital North, Community Hospital South, Virtual

Lamaze Series

The goal of Lamaze is to increase women’s confidence in their ability to give birth. Women and their support persons will learn simple coping strategies for labor, including focused breathing, movement and positioning, labor support, massage and relaxation. 

Location: IU Health North Hospital, IU Health West Hospital, Virtual

Natural Labor Discussion

This class discusses choices in the hospital setting to avoid medical intervention when possible. The instructor offers tips to use in pregnancy to encourage less medical intervention in labor. 

Location: Community Health Network Virtual

Childbirth Preparation

The workshop consists of hands-on practice, demonstrations, displays and plenty of time for Q&A on topics, including healthy birth practices, labor support, comfort measures and more.

Location: Hancock Regional Hospital

Childbirth Refresher

This virtual class is to help you learn how you will experience pregnancy, birth and postpartum differently this time. Laboring techniques and changes in maternity care are discussed.

Location: Community Health Network Virtual

Breastfeeding Classes

Breastfeeding Basics

In this virtual class, a lactation consultant will share tips to prepare expectant parents for breastfeeding. We recommend taking this class in the third trimester. Dads and partners are encouraged to attend!

Location: Community Health Network Virtual

Breastfeeding Class

Learn everything you need to know about breastfeeding, and feel more confident about nourishing your baby. Content for this class includes positions for breastfeeding, establishing a good milk supply, proper latch technique, how to tell whether your baby is getting enough to eat, and how and when to pump and store breast milk.

Location: Hancock Regional Hospital

Breastfeeding 101

Learn practical information about positioning and latch-on, common concerns and questions related to breastfeeding. Attend this class with your partner. All classes are taught by certified lactation counselors, consultants or RNs. This class will meet virtually.

Location: IU Health North Hospital Virtual

Breastfeeding 201

Based on class members’ needs, topics may include breast pumps and supplies, milk storage and pumping, baby and mother transition and timing, working with your employer and daycare provider, and best tips for success. Class is taught by a certified lactation nurse consultant.

Location: IU Health North Hospital Virtual

Postpartum and Parenting Classes

Newborn Basics

This class will give you the opportunity to learn about caring for a new baby in the first month of life. Baby care topics such as bathing, holding, feeding and comforting the crying baby and more are taught. This class will meet virtually — anyone near or far is welcome to join.

Location: IU Health North Hospital, Riley Maternity Tower, Virtual

Family & Friends CPR

This class teaches lifesaving skills of adult CPR with breaths, adult and child AED use, infant CPR, and how to help adults, children and infants who are choking. 

Location: Community Hospital North

The Fourth Trimester: Understanding Your Body After Pregnancy and Birth

Learn the process that occurs in the “4th trimester” and set yourself up for a successful postpartum recovery by recognizing early signs of common postpartum issues and knowing where to find local support, learn about pelvic floor health, how to exercise without causing injury, simplifying your life techniques and more.

Location: IU Health North Hospital Virtual

Car Seat Safety for Expectant Parents

This class will provide information about safe car seat use and installation, the importance of using car seats, and how to select the best car seat for your family. 

Location: Riley Maternity Tower, Virtual

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