Pizza King: Where a Train Brings your Drinks

Pizza and trains: It’s hard to find a better combination for kids. If you have a child who loves trains, you will definitely want to make a stop at Pizza King Station in Indianapolis and Pizza King Avon. These two Pizza King franchises in central Indiana are the only pizza restaurants where toy trains bring you your beverages!

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A Restaurant for Train Lovers

Pizza King Drink Train
Pizza King
Call the drink train at Pizza King

When you walk into Pizza King Station and Pizza King Avon, you’ll immediately notice that it’s train-themed. The booths are decorated to look like a train. There are train signs in the lobby. And, of course, there is a miniature toy train that winds its way from booth to booth, delivering drinks. 

The train tracks sit behind a plexiglass window at your table, with a door that you can flip open once the train stops. Once you’re ready to order, you can push an intercom button, and your server will take your drink and food order. When your drinks are ready, be on the lookout for the train! The train will deliver your drinks and straws. 

When you need a drink refill, just push the intercom button (or let your server know), and a new beverage will make its way down the railroad tracks! The train at Pizza King is so unique and fun and takes a dine-out experience to the next level! 

A Kid-friendly Restaurant

Pizza King Pizza
Bread Sticks from Pizza King

Unfortunately, the train will not deliver your food via train (but wouldn’t that be neat?)! But on the Pizza King menu, you’ll find lots of kid-friendly food options, like pizza (a thin-crust, tavern-style pizza), sandwiches, and pasta. There is also a kids menu for kids younger than 12 years, including options like a personal pizza, chicken tenders, and mac & cheese.

Another thing that makes these locations a great place for families is that each booth has its own TV, set to a kid-friendly station. This is a great option to have when the grownups need a break and the drink train has left the station.

Don’t forget to bring some change (or a couple of dollars) to play the few old-school arcade games in the lobby. You’ll find a claw machine, candy crane and even Mrs. Pac Man!

Pizza King Locations with Trains

There are many Pizza King locations throughout central Indiana, but there are only two locations with miniature trains that deliver your drinks! Here’s where to go:

Pizza King Station – Bluff Road

7045 Bluff Rd., Indianapolis

Pizza King – Avon

8100 E. US Hwy. 36, Avon

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