Snow Tubing at Perfect North Slopes: Just 90 Minutes from Indy

Snow days filled with sledding down hills with friends are treasured childhood memories. As parents, we want to create those special moments for our children. However, waiting for favorable winter weather in Indy can be challenging. That’s why we decided to road trip over to Perfect North Slopes (about 90 minutes from Indy) in Lawrenceburg, OH—a place where snow is guaranteed all season long.

Known for its superb skiing and tubing, Perfect North Slopes also offers one of the country’s largest snow tubing destinations. Embark on an exciting family adventure of snow tubing at Perfect North Slopes!

Arriving at Perfect North Slopes, clear signage directed us to the designated parking area for snow tubing. Parking was hassle-free, allowing us to swiftly make our way to the ticket office. There, we signed waivers, obtained passes, and collected our tubes. In the event of large crowds, the staff may issue a wait number. Don’t worry though, as you wait for your turn, there are ample amenities to keep you entertained. Indoors, you’ll find comfortable seating and a variety of food and drink options. Outdoors, cozy fire pits and seats provide a front-row view of the action.

Choosing a quieter evening for our visit (after dinner and on a school night), we were fortunate to enjoy several rides up and down the hills. Each person must ride in their own tube, but it’s possible to link up with others and descend simultaneously. Initially, we attempted to link up as a family, with my husband accompanying our son, while I shared a tube with our daughter. However, our children soon discovered their preference for independent rides, which offer a slower pace.

Designated Children’s Area for Kids 3-6

Our youngest particularly loved the Children’s Tubing Area—a dedicated hill designed for children aged 6 and under. This area resembled traditional sled riding and acted as a perfect starting point before transitioning to the main tube runs.

Perfect North Slopes kindly offers snow tubing for all ages, setting no minimum height or age requirements. Nevertheless, they recommend waiting until a child reaches age 4. This suggestion aligns with our experience, as our nearly 4-year-old daughter thoroughly enjoyed the activity. However, it’s essential to use parental discretion based on your children’s abilities. Bear in mind that the main hills are large, fast, and incredibly fun. For added peace of mind, the option to rent helmets is available. Additionally, you do not need to worry about trudging back up the hill, as a convenient moving escalator transports you and your tube effortlessly to the top.

Perfect North Slopes offers an exceptional winter adventure for families near Indy. Engage in an active, adrenaline-fueled experience that will leave you with cherished memories. The fun we had snow tubing at Perfect North Slopes has us eagerly anticipating our next visit.

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