Hidden Gems: Paradigm Games

Paradigm Games offers a professional and inviting space for hobby gaming, board gaming and trading card game experiences. They specialize in Magic: the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Pokémon and more.  

Lori Byrd-McDevitt — along with partner Jarred Juett — own the newly opened store. The owners’ side hobby recently turned into their latest new brick-and-mortar business venture. The owners are most excited about building a welcoming, family-friendly space for Indy game nerds! While Indy hosts a number of card game shops and hobby stores, there’s nothing of this sort in Midtown or the Near North. Paradigm Games is built on Jarred’s passion for Magic: The Gathering, combined with Lori’s background in education and community-building.  

Kids of any age can have a blast with the games available at Paradigm. The owner’s 14-year-old son loves to play Dungeons & Dragons campaigns and spends hours developing his characters’ backstories while the owner’s 6-year-old has really taken to Magic: The Gathering and loves finding cards for his “dinosaur deck.” (Fun fact: You’ll often see the kids around the store, sometimes with their pug, Cedric.) 

The store has a rotating inventory of between 5,000 and 10,000 cards online and a selection of more popular cards are on display in the display case. They’re always available to pull anything found on their online store (search “Paradigm Games” on tcgplayer.com). And if they don’t have it, they know where to find it! But don’t expect to find children’s toys, comics, video games, arcade machines, or Yu-Gi-Oh cards. They prefer to focus on what they are really nerdy about. 

Paradigm Games organizes in-person Friday Night Magic events every week, as well as other Magic game formats. They also have extra space for private groups to play Dungeons & Dragons or other games. And they have all the snacks players need during a game—think Sprecher’s Root Beer, Mountain Dew, Snickers and Doritos! 

2479 N Meridian St, Indianapolis | facebook.com/ParadigmGamesLLC 

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