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Did you know that Westfield, IN is home to the Best Pizza in the Mid-West? It’s not just talk, they have the award the prove it.

After hearing from friends and neighbors that Jan’s Village Pizza in downtown Westfield had the best pizza pies in town, I knew I had to see what all this talk was about. So, late one Saturday night, my husband and I, along with some out of town friends headed to the little pizzeria for a taste of our own.

Upon walking in to the restaurant, we were greeted with a warm, hometown welcome. Jan Miller, owner of Jan’s Village Pizza welcomed us in herself! We found our place at a little table in the back as a local musician performed on his guitar in the front of the restaurant. The atmosphere was quaint and fun-the perfect combination to catch up with old friends. Jan and Garry, the manager, took great care of us and began to tell us the story how they came to win the title of Best Pizza in the Midwest.

Every year, Steve and Jan Miller encourage their staff to come up with their own special creation for their traditional Pizza Bake-Off at the restaurant. This year, Michelle Thomas’ Mediterranean creation was the winning pick chosen to be presented at the Midwest Pizza Challenge on behalf of Jan’s Village Pizza. Not only did the Mediterranean take home the title of “Best Pizza in the Mid-West,” it also holds the record for the highest score ever for the Midwest Pizza Challenge!

After hearing the story from Jan herself, we knew we had to order this Mediterranean pizza creation for a taste of our own. While I usually stick to the traditional pepperoni, I was not disappointed and loved every bite! The secret ingredients blend together nicely for an amazing bite of pizza goodness-a tad different from your traditional pizzeria. Oh, and the crust? For all of you bread lovers out there-it’s to die for. Their dough is made fresh in the store.

What’s next, you ask? Jan’s Mediterranean Pizza is off to the 2014 International Pizza Expo in Las Vegas, NV. That’s right, small town Westfield, IN is making its pizza mark!

Forget the big box chains and eat local this holiday season. Stop in to Jan’s Village Pizza in downtown Westfield for your own taste of the Best Pizza in the Mid-West. We tried it and have to agree! In fact, I think another visit is in order soon.

For more info, check out: www.jansvillagepizzas.com

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