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I love a good “girlfriends day.” Whenever I’m in the mood for a day of fun shopping and good eating, I grab a friend and head to downtown Noblesville. Lined with quaint shops and inviting eateries, Noblesville’s square offers a retreat away from the busyness of life’s schedule. Last week, I met up with my long time friend Courtney and headed downtown for a little shopping and brunching at Rosie’s Place.

Located at 68 N. 9th Street on the square, Rosie’s Place is a warm, inviting cafe that features mid-western inspired fare. Upon entering the restaurant, Courtney and I fell in love with the cafe’s charm. The exposed brick walls and old hardwood floors were just our style. The front bakery counter was filled to the brim with fresh, beautiful treats just waiting to be devoured. After oo-ing and ahh-ing for some time, we grabbed a booth in the back and settled in.

We arrived at Rosie’s with big appetites and were not disappointed with the variety of good ol’ home cooking we had to choose from as we perused through the menu. I settled on “Rosie’s Style”-a feast fit for a queen including two eggs, toast, a fluffy buttermilk pancake, applewood smoked bacon and country potatoes. I was in breakfast heaven! Being Gluten free, Courtney was thrilled to discover Rosie’s offered Gluten free pancakes among a variety of other options. After enjoying every bite of our meals, we both agreed Rosie’s Place was the perfect destination to kick off our girls day.

Next time you’re in the mood for a little retreat of your own, head to downtown Noblesville for a day of good shopping and great brunching at Rosie’s Place. Courtney and I are sure to be back soon. That is, if I don’t convince my sweet husband to take me on a date there first!

For more info on Rosie’s Place, check out: www.rosiesplace.net

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