One Week Left to See “Ring of Fire” at Beef and Boards

My wish for today: that more people would get out and enjoy the INCREDIBLE talent Indy’s music and theatre scene has to offer.

I was intrigued by the concept of this show. I knew Beef and Boards Dinner Theatre had assembled a talented cast of actor/singers who were also great instrumental musicians. I knew this wasn’t simply a musical about Johnny Cash’s life. According to Beef & Boards:

Ring of Fire brings his story of love and faith, struggle and success, rowdiness and redemption, and home and family to the stage. More than two dozen of his hits, from “I Walk the Line,” to “A Boy Named Sue,” to “Folsom Prison Blues,” and the famous title tune are performed by a multi-talented cast. Though he is never impersonated, Johnny Cash’s remarkable story is told through his music, making Ring of Fire an exhilarating salute to the Man in Black.”

I knew it would be a fun night out – but my date and I were way more than entertained. We were blown away! Every cast member had shining moments. Here were a few standouts to me:

-The entire ensemble (Brian Gunter, Melody Berger, Tim Drake, Jill Kelly Howe, Allison Kelly, Jeremy Sevelovitz, Travis Smith and Zack Steele) locking into spine-tingling harmonies

-Award-winning fiddle player Melody Allegra Berger breaking a speed record and making our jaws drop. (And she can SING too – wow!)

-Jill Kelly Howe making me cry with a heart-wrenching song told from a grieving mother’s perspective, then making me cry with laughter in her Minnie Pearl number, “Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart”

-Allison Kelly playing her upright bass in positions that are anything BUT upright – incredible talent with these stunts!

Congrats to the creators of a truly imaginative and beautiful show (adapted from the Broadway production by Richard Maltby Jr. and Jason Edwards) and to Beef & Boards for this production. Go see it before August 13 if you have the chance!

Tickets are available by calling the Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre box office at 317.872.9664. Tickets range from $42.50 to $67.50 and include a dinner buffet. “Ring of Fire” runs through August 13.


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