“Oh Shimmer!”

Our oldest daughter recently created a new curse word, Shimmer.

She dropped something the other day and let out the phrase, “Oh, shimmer!” My wife and I are really enjoying this. We’ve started saying it too!

We’ve created some new phrases that go along with Shimmer. Here’s what we have so far.

Shimmer Dinner- Having no clue what to serve for dinner so just throwing together a hodgepodge of items on a plate and calling it dinner. A Shimmer Dinner could include a PBJ, cereal, and leftover pasta.

Shimmer Show- Our kids, as a unit, creating complete chaos. Or trying to get all three unwilling kids out the door to go somewhere. Example: Lets get this Shimmer Show on the road.

Shim-dig- A group of kids, usually contained in our basement, creating complete and utter chaos.

Does your family have any curse word replacements that you or your kids have created?


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