Off they go!

To school, that is. Before we know it, our days suddenly shift from the relaxed flexibility of summer to the busy routine of a school day. And whether you’re the kind of parent who eagerly awaits the first day or gets a little misty about it, there’s no denying that we’ve got to get our students, and ourselves, in gear!

Let us help! In this back to school issue, we’ve got some great tips for kicking off the new year. For starters, take a look at our ideas for Fun Back to School Traditions. Who wouldn’t love a bus stop donut party the first day? Or making a time capsule to mark the start of a new school year? With just a little effort, your kids may actually look forward to going back if they can anticipate a few fun activities that celebrate this new beginning.

What else can help get you off on the right foot? How about some Healthy Lunch Box Ideas? Every parent knows that what gets packed doesn’t always get eaten, so up your chances for lunchtime success by including foods that appeal to kids but still pack a nutritional punch. You might just find yourself stealing a few of these ideas for your own lunch, too.

Do you have a little one who’s ready for preschool this year? If you’re like most parents, you want their first formal educational experience to be as positive as possible. With so many types of preschools available, how do you sort through what’s best for your child? Take a look at Choosing a Great Preschool for a breakdown of the characteristics to look for when selecting possible contenders.

Finally, what’s your game plan after the school bell rings? If you need a few suggestions for afterschool fun, check out our Afterschool Classes and Enrichment Guide for a list of local activities your kids can get excited about.

So buckle up! Assemble the backpacks, stuff the pencil pouches and lay out that first day outfit. The new school year is just around the corner – and this could be the best one yet!


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