NinjaZone: Discover Your Child’s Favorite New Sport!

NinjaZone is the hottest new sport for children ages 18 months to 13 years old and it’s changing the face of youth athletics.
Ninjas all over the world are channeling their energy through an awesome fusion of obstacle training, martial arts, gymnastics, and freestyle movement or parkour. This program is transforming the way that kids move.

NinjaZone focuses the minds of enthusiastic kids by using movements their bodies inherently WANT to do.  Ninjas are trained to spin, roll, flip, kick, and fly through challenges – almost like they’re starring in a real-life video game. Not only do these skills look cool; they truly transcend the gym. The progressive skill system teaches focus, grit, and ultimately confidence, leaving them ready for the next challenge – at Ninja class, or in life.

Children grow their focus, work ethic, and self-responsibility through mind, body, community, and family core values taught in NinjaZone Athletic and Character Pillars. Trained coaches lead Ninjas through lessons that strengthen humility, balance, grit, respect, gratitude, ambition, and kindness, just to name a few.

At NinjaZone, no one sits on the bench – in sport or in life. Children can enter into training at any ability level and experience success and celebration. Personal growth, determination, and mental stamina are foundational during NinjaZone training. Even small personal achievements are celebrated in small class settings with attentive coaches.

NinjaZone is turning energy into ambition… one awesome kid at a time.

Learn more and find a location near you, here.

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