New Day for Children of Divorce

“In the night there are many tears, but JOY comes in the New Day!” Psalm 30:5

New Day for Children of Divorce is a unique and special program!  In the words of a past fifth grade participant, “New Day is the only place I can truly be me!”  What a powerful statement.  With all of the hours in a month, this young participant felt himself for only four of them.  This is a great testimony for the value of the New Day program.

New Day is a directional support group for families of divorces and the program takes over Second Presbyterian Church two Tuesdays per month.  After completing the enrollment process, parents and children (ages 3 years-8th grade) join other families, volunteers and the staff of CenterPoint Counseling for a night of dinner, feelings expression and support of each other.   New Day is unique because the program is ongoing and participation is open ended.  Families can attend the program for as long as they feel it is beneficial and can enter, and re-enter at any point in their divorce journey.

Although challenges may be similar, every divorce situation is distinct and each family member experiences them differently.  New Day is a place where participants can express themselves freely without worry of hurting anyone’s feelings.

CenterPoint has offered the New Day program since the fall of 2004.  Over the past eight years, New Day has successfully grown, adapted, and, most importantly, helped over 200 different families navigate their difficult divorce journey.  In addition, over 170 volunteer facilitators have completed the three day training and joined the ranks in caring for these families.  If you or someone you know is struggling with divorce, please offer your support by directing them to or 317-252-5518 for more information.

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