My Almost Epic “Home Alone” Day

Tonight’s 10 p.m. wish: that I could have more days like this.

It’s not like I won the lottery, or opened a new musical to a sold-out audience, or got on a plane to a tropical island. Today was incredible and indulgent in a way I know other parents can appreciate:

I had five precious hours HOME ALONE. And I accomplished something pretty huge.

This never happens.

And THIS is how it feels:

laughing (501x750)

Anyone with me?

I originally scheduled a vacation day from work because my husband, Ian, was going out of town, and staying home makes child care so much easier.

Once I fully grasped that I would have the kids’ entire school day to myself, I decided to make the most of my “mini-retreat” from reality.

I set out to do three things:

  • Complete the final edits to the manuscript of my book and turn it over to the publisher.
  • Finish the book cover design.
  • Do at least a few things JUST FOR MYSELF that I usually can’t get done with kids around.

Please don’t hate me. But I nailed that list.

I got my grade-schoolers on the bus at 7 a.m., completed writing a fun article for the Indy’s Child June issue, and got Daisy May fed, dressed and off to preschool.

Her teachers and I arranged for her fifth birthday celebration to happen today (a few days after her actual birthday) so I could be there to tell her classmates the story of her life, and watch my girl carry the “earth” around the sun five times, then blow out her candles. (A Montessori tradition I absolutely love!)

daisy earth (640x640)

Yes, that’s my girl, with the whole world in her hands. I’m trying not to get weepy about the end to her preschool days.

I got home, and got on the phone with the publisher to go over details. I fussed with my manuscript one last time, took a big gulp, and hit SEND. Now, the story of my life (well, one crazy year of it, as I decided to abandon my television news career) is in someone else’s hands. There is no turning back now. “Know When to Run: Lessons from the Diary of a Gen X Mom” will be for sale on Amazon by August.

I played with the cover design, using new photos my wonderful friend Kristina took, and came up with a cover that I think will work.



I have a little more time to make changes with the cover, but it feels good to be this close.

Then, it was time to play.

I worked out, and then baked chocolate chip cookies (to replenish the lost calories, of course.) I took a 30-minute nap. I sang loud show tunes. I read some fun articles. I took a shower without anyone pounding on the door.

I savored every last minute of my time home alone.

Then, it was back on duty. Back to school pickups, a doctor appointment, dinner on the run, a ballet lesson, and a soaking wet, freezing cold baseball game.

But now, I have a quiet house again, as well as a nice glass of red wine and a moment to capture this nearly-epic day in writing.

Hooray for days like today!








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